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As we enter the new year, we look back and ask, “What was THAT?” Politics, combined with Covid and an economic meltdown, has left us deplete and sad. It’s in times like these that we look to our artists to shine a light, inspire, and speak to our better angels. So we start fresh in 2021, with no illusions that it’s going to be a walk in the park (it isn’t), but we see light. And thanks to so many talented writers and poets, we can see better times ahead. At least that’s what we all hope.  Larkbird Parx brings us another installment of her fantastic series about singer/songwriters, this month featuring Aaron Cabott Jones.  A Hundred Hands is another striking poem by rakshowes.  Dearstluv Writer conjures up the image of an evil vine in Tethered to the Vine. Cat Boccaccio takes a peek into a casual day on the golf course in Play On.  That little rapscallion Neruval, the wise AI owl, analyzes the US presidential election with a surprising take. Jullianna Juliesse contributes She Waits Behind the Drapes, a poignant poem filled with heartfelt recollections.  CR Torok rejoins our pages this month with Souvenir, a poem of extraordinary force.  Consuela Hypatia Caldwell takes on the fraught landscape of gender and prejudice ikn Toekn Economy.   Zati Kodaly contributes a beautiful poem, Plague Delusion Chronicle, challenging our views of death.  Last of all, RoseDrop Rust reminds us why we love his prodigious talent so much, in My Name is Rusty.  We’re looking forward with hope for a new year, but one thing is certain: we have much to be thankful for.  Each other.


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