Monday, October 11, 2021

October rez Posted

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We lost a giant in the entertainment field, and a close friend, with the passing of the incomparable Graylon Ash, and our cover this month reflects some of the joy he brought to us all. Who else could convince a dance floor packed with adults to all put on banana costumes and dance to his signature song, Bananaphone?  Jami Mills, as hostess of Friday Night Live, reminisces about her life of crime with “DJ Gray” after 13 years of nonstop fun, in her piece simply titled, Bananaphone. Art Blue has more tricks to pull out of his futuristic bag with the first of a two-part installment entitled Derender Me. Annie Mesmeriser starts us off with another series called A Puppet’s Tail, in which she regales us with her hilarious and very human stories. Cat Boccaccio stretches out this month with a longer piece, Devotion, in which she examines a frighteningly dysfunctional family. To the Disavowed is a remarkable piece by an equally remarkable writer, Drover Mahogany, who brilliantly describes the horrors of an out-of-control pandemic and the destruction it wreaks. Blossoms to Bees is a compelling romantic poem by long-time contributor, Consuela Hypatia Caldwell. Zati Kodaly’s talent as a writer shines through with her stunning poem, Orchid Fragment, which dazzles and delights. Enola Em sent us Go shortly before her passing, and we’re publishing it this month for your enjoyment. And closing out the October issue is a short ditty by a great talent, RoseDrop Rust, titled Ambition. We hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue as much as we enjoyed publishing it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

September rez Posted

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Now that summer reading season is drawing to a close, wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of stories and poetry to browse through. We have just the thing for you this month. Art Blue starts things off with Gachabuddy, where he laments the passing of Gacha and wonders how we’ll ever survive. RoseDrop Rust is back with us this month and delivers a sublime poem, Pocket Stone, describing a reminder of true love. Cybele Moon inhabits a magical work and brings it to life in her enchanting fable, The View from Teegarden’s Star. We are so lucky to have such imaginative work from one of our most talented writers. In Happy Time, Cat Boccaccio paints a grim picture of Mrs Bak’s resting bitch face, in a study of a character we all recognize. Zati Kodaly reveals in Full Colonel Salute some of the formalities of death in the military community. Beautiful work. Pay Me Twice is the first installment of Art Blue’s series, The Blockchain Vision Series, and this piece is filled with blockchain and bitcoin information. In The Coming, Rakshowes reminds us that even in a Starbucks, events occur which cannot easily be explained. Stalking predators inhabit Dearstluv Writer’s world in Wolves, a beautiful poem about our current state of affairs. And to close things out, Nazzie Darkshadow wows us with Warrior, a powerful poem about pain, darkness and (ultimately) faith. We hope you enjoy every page of this month’s issue of rez.


Thursday, August 5, 2021

August rez Posted

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We have an embarrassment of riches this month, and that’s a good thing because summer reading season is in full swing.  We start things off as we often do with a sensational piece by Art Blue, who urges us in Amerika in Your Mind to ask Siri about Hypercolour Blue, but that seems more difficult than simply asking Art’s AI owl, Neruval, who already knows.  RoseDrop Rust brings us two poems this month, the first being Having Writ, and he uses his pen like a catcher’s mitt.  Jami Mills brings us the exciting last installment of Wishbone One Final Chapter: A Tender Kiss.  We don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll be surprised by the ending.  Damien Hirst is another offering by Art Blue this month, wherein he cites a term used by Immanuel Kant to describe the complexity of existence.  Art’s been doing a damn good job of that so far.  Zati Kodaly returns with a wonderful and quixotic poem, Night Tennis at Edwards AFB, where she cavorts with test pilots, astronauts, and spooks.  Lynn Mimistrobell’s Wednesday night classical salons are filling up with people who want to hear her thoughtful and educational musical presentations.  She recently highlighted Schubert’s Lieder.  The more we listen, the more we like.  Nazzie Darkshadow contributes a lovely poem simply titled, Strength.  Such a talent!  And finally, RoseDrop Rust brings the August issue to a close with a poem, Ego Fell, about ego trips…literally.  Enjoy them all, in one sitting or over time.  We’ll see you next month!