Wednesday, June 2, 2021

June rez Posted

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With the arrival of Memorial Day and our remembrance of fallen heroes, we reflect on their sacrifice to preserve the precious freedoms we enjoy.  And what better environment is there in which to create?  Great writing and beautiful imagery have been the hallmark of rez Magazine since its inception in 2012. The June issue is no exception. Ervare starts us off with Gregorovich: A Trip into the Afterlife. Apparently, Evare couldn’t wait until his own death to explore the afterlife.  Dearstluv Writer pens one of her most thought-provoking poems yet, with Stand By ME. In the fourth and final installment of A Blues Tale: Austin SXSW, Annie Mesmeriser treats us to her look into the lives of professional musicians, the likes of which we’d never know without her wonderful recollections. RoseDrop Rust searches high and low in Heaven and Hell and leaves us breathless. Jami Mills is up next with Chapter Four of her Wishbone series, Wishbone One: The Grace of God, containing an unexpected plot twist that leaves the Mars mission in turmoil. Jullianna Juliesse contributes The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity, a soaring poem rich with imagery. NeganzLucille is new to our pages and makes quite a splash with his superlative poem, Buddha Smiles. We hope to hear more from this wonderful poet in the future. Cat Boccaccio, who says more with less, adds VEEP, a charming tale of competition in the White House. Art Blue is busy this month, bringing us Login Failed (A True Story). Knowing Art as we do, just how sure are we that this story is actually true? You have to read it to find out. And lastly, Julia Hatch closes out this month’s issue with Token Economy, a simply wonderful poem telling of the trade of people’s lives.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

May rez Posted

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The snow is melting and the virus is in retreat thanks to the life-saving vaccine. What better time to pick up a copy of rez and enjoy some of the most talented writers on the grid.  Art Blue starts us off with Plan 9: We Were Here, which looks into recent movements by Bell Labs, with a nod to arguably the worse film ever made, Plan 9 from Outer Space. Zymony Guyot goes where few do, speaking his truth clearly, persuasively and passionately. He’s a treasure. Larkbird Parx continues her series on iconic songwriters/singers on the grid, this month featuring Wolfie Starfire, known to so many as a captivating and enchanting singer and entertainer. Jami Mills is reprising her short story Wishbone One, with another installment about the selection process to undertake one of the most dangerous missions ever – to land a human on Mars. Klannex Northmead is at the top of her game with a lovely poem, Callipyge (or Aprhodite with the Beautiful Buttocks). Postcard from Perfect is a stunning poem by Merope Madrigal, exploring that beautiful world of perfection. Our talented and always thought-provoking poet, RoseDrop Rust, closes out the issue with Thoughts Like Children, questioning the spontaneity of youth. There’s no time to lose - - let’s get started with some soul rejuvenating reading!