Friday, May 13, 2022

May rez Posted

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Spring has sprung in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, so we can read this month’s issue sitting outdoors under a shade tree.  This month we have another fabulous lineup of poets and seers, our most gifted writers on the grid.  Starting things off is Rakshowes with her own charming tale, Maiden Fair.  What issue of rez would be complete without a treatise on art and life by Art Blue?  He doesn’t disappoint with First Meaningful Paint, containing his insights on art now and in the future.  RoseDrop (Rusty) Rust sizzles with an erotically-charged poem, Pre-knot.  Ignorence, by Dearstluv Writer, feels like a companion poem to her wonderful, Innocence.  Troubling and beautify at the same time.  Annie Mesmeriser’s not done with her gonzo tour of the world of puppetry, this time with the hilarious Drink Me! Ervare contributes his take on world affairs and the rise of despots with No Reason to Put In.  Cat Boccaccio, who understands that often less is more, gives us a stunning piece of short short fiction in Rosa.  Zati Kodaly, who dazzles us with every one of her works, rounds things off with her heady Portals.  That’s it for this month.  Enjoy the pretty words and pictures. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

April rez Posted

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Up in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring has sprung, with green shoots poking up all over. But not in Ukraine, where the unthinkable continues daily. When events are this hard to fathom (read stomach), we turn to our writers and artists to ease our collective pain, to remind us the true value of life. This month, we’re lucky to start things off with an ingenious peace proposal from none other than Art Blue, tells us Why the Pope Has to Go to Lviv.  Chris Mooney-Singh is just the inspirational voice we need in these times. His A Meditation at Lake Sukhna is a perfect example of his pitch-perfect poetry. And when things get tough, we can always count on Shyla the Super Gecko, who contributes a powerful poem, Ukraine – A Love Poem. Cat Boccaccio, who says more with fewer words, is at her enigmatic best with Snapdragons. Annie Mesmeriser is back with the sixth installment (sixth of a hundred, we hope) of A Puppet’s Tail – There and Back Again, where her adventures keep piling up on each other to hilarious effect. RoseDrop (“Rusty”) Rust brings us Live, and Die, in which he ponders how to have your cake and eat it too. Dearstluv Writer takes us back to a kinder, simpler time in her poignant poem that captures all of our hopes for peace. Our newest contributor, TT Tobasco, is responsible for Breakthrough Reality, but Neruval’s tailfeathers were found nearby. And closing out this month’s issue with a flourish, Jullianna Juliesse puts unattainable goals aside in her lovely Give Up on Your Dreams. Enjoy the issue, be inspired, and pray for peace throughout the world.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

March rez Posted

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As the world begins to emerge from a long, cold winter, the brave citizens of Ukraine are trapped in their darkest nightmare.  Elysienne, who has graced our pages several times before, sends us a letter eloquently describing the terror. We're moved and saddened by her observations, wondering what more we can do. Art Blue brings us Rez Ipsum, where he explores Meta, the Emanated Garden, and Foot in the Head exhibits.  Glyph Graves adds a poem entitled The Afterlife. Jullianna Juliesse contributes her deeply personal poem called There is No Wine in this Poem. From an untraceable UUID, Volovomyr Zelenskyy tells it like it is in This Boy is Electric. Cat Boccaccio, our long-time contributor brings her own terror to our pages with Nightmare. Klannex Northmead adds a very thoughtful poem, Playing Chess with Death, and we're grateful to be welcoming him back to this issue. Annie Mesmeriser's hilarious series, A Puppet's Tail, is now in its fifth installment and we can't wait for more. Consuela Hypatia Caldwell pens a wonderful poem, Billionaire Cowboy, which considers the price of space. And finally, RoseDrop Rust gets completely discombobulated in his poem, Backwards.  Pray for peace in Ukraine and wherever despots think they can trample on people's inate freedoms. The world will never forget the Ukrainian people's courage and bravery.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

February rez Posted

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Dead of winter, bitter cold, snowbound.  What better way to spend a storm than inside by the fire with a copy of rez Magazine.  This month’s issue includes some familiar faces because they keep writing brilliantly.  With The Excavation of Phil, Art Blue starts us off with a madcap frolic in Amerika, with a soundtrack including Elvis.  We all need to keep pace with the future.  Dubhna Rhiadra contributes Creation Myth Continuation, picking up from where she left off with her earlier Creation Myth.  It’s just as charming and wise as the original.  Zati Kodaly’s Chilean Meditation is next and wows us with another extraordinary poem.  RoseDrop Rust instructs us on food fashion with Sustainable Predation. Cat Boccaccio, who says more with less, has written a beautiful piece of short fiction, Chips.  Annie Mesmeriser is back with the fourth installment of her hilarious A Puppet’s Tail: We’re All Quite Mad Here.  Rakshowes brings us The visit, a poem that’s naughty but of so nice.  And finally, we are reprinting an article about chess and Go titled Deep Blue, Alpha Go and the Kido Sim.  Stay safe and warm.