Tuesday, February 6, 2024

February rez Posted

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This month we take a serious look at a childhood favorite with Judy Barton’s Pinocchio, or Being a Creature, recited by our very own Shyla the Super Gecko and Klannex Northmead.  Lucky for us, Zati Kodaly is back with another erudite offering, Queen Z. Dearstluv Writer takes a political tack with Wolves. No issue of rez would be complete without a peek into the future by Art Blue. This month he examines AI’s interplay with language. RoseDrop Rust has lots of demons and we love each and every one of them. Chelsea Demons is where he banishes them. Cat Boccaccio always cared and this month we bring you her warning about the ravages of depression, in The Long Days. And ending on a high-note, Zymony Guyot has much more to give, this time a whiz-bang poem, Deadline Daddy.  Curl up by a nice fire and enjoy this month’s issue of rez Magazine!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

January rez Posted

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Once again, we feel the loss of a giant in the literary field, a graphic artist contributor for rez, and a good friend.  Cat Boccaccio, who conveyed expansive meaning in the fewest of words, passed away recently from an illness. These losses are only bearable knowing that we still have their work and can continue to keep their spirits alive by publishing them in future issues.  We dedicate ourselves to that task. In the meantime, rez, like life, goes on. This month, Art Blue kicks us off with another tour de force, Uber Eats - The Domain Inquisitor. Consuela Hypatia Caldwell and Zati Kodaly team up with a romantic work, Behind Blinds. With a heavy heart, we bring you Cat Boccaccio's Crazy Dark Place. Vetril Dease introduces us to all manners of mind-boggling matters in Universal Life Grant, not the least of which is the uplift. Zymony Guyot issues a warning with Statistical Corpses.  Dearstluv Writer poses the question that mut be posed:  Given a choice, will we choose love? And no issue of rez is complete without exploring the always fascinating mind of RoseDrop Rust, who brings us The Drift.  Enjoy this issue and go hug someone you love.

Monday, October 9, 2023

October rez Posted

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Welcome to the Fall issue of rez Magazine. We're happy to present to you a wonderful array of articles and poetry by our wonderful friends, Art Blue, RoseDrop Rust, Jullianna Juliesse, Cat Boccaccio, Shyla the Super Gecko, rakshowes and Lynn Mimistrobell.  We thank you for supporting our continuing efforts to support local artists and to bring you the best works from the most talented of artists.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

September rez Posted

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We have a wonderful issue for you this month, featuring Art Blue’s take on kissing and ChatGPT, and poetry from RoseDrop Rust, Jullianna Juliesse, Dearstluv Writer, and Drover Mahogany, and splendid articles by Lynn Mimistrobell and Cat Boccaccio.  Great summer reading!  Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

August rez Posted

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This month we match the scorching heat with scorching hot poetry and prose.  With I Am Not Linda, Art Blue thrills us with more artificial intelligence, this time putting an AI translation service to the test. To find out how well it did, you’ll need to dive into this fascinating article.  Jumping on the Barbie bandwagon this month is Jullianna Juliesse, whose Poet Barbie adds a little spice to the Barbie conversation. Jami Mills is back with a short story about a broke down cowboy named Lackey, who just wants to get some things off his chest.  The Heart is a wonderful piece by Art Blue, who hopes to be the first for the MITI-grid.  Shine on Me is another superb piece of writing by our wonderful Cat Boccaccio, who also adds many of the stunning graphics in this month’s issue. We’ve been yearning for some great hip hop poetry and Zymony Guyot gives us just what we wanted in The News.  Lynn Mimistrobell adds another of her cogent and informative articles on classical music, this time focusing on Beethoven’s piano sonatas. And finally, what issue would be complete without a sweet poem by RoseDrop Rust?  In one of his most complex poems to date, Rust shines with End of Days.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 8, 2023

July rez Posted

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This month we have an embarrassment of riches, blessed with a bounty of the most talented writers on the grid, poets and storytellers alike.  This month, in The Mandelbrot Set, Jami Mills explores the fascinating world of mathematics, finding hidden meaning in the vast array of numbers.  We welcome Enzewor with his (her?) wonderful piece, Jackson Pollock – De-Coded, a story about the American artist, Jackson Pollock, but with a futurist flair. Jullianna Juliesse lays bare her thoughts of being confined in a hospital bed, with The Will Be No Wine in This Poem. Cat Boccaccio is at her best with short-short fiction, and her What You Now Deserve packs a powerful punch. Shyla the Super Gecko returns this month with Pain, a lament on suffering. RoseDrop Rust has never been better with Debris, musing about the futility of survivalists. Art Blue engages us with The Pennyweighter, a tale of the future seasoned with some AI insights, among others. And finally, Lynn Mimistrobell shines a light on the classic Beethoven piece, the Fifth. Enjoy your summer reading!