Thursday, April 6, 2023

April rez Posted

 Read the April issue of rez in Issuu:

April has officially sprung and with that we can look forward to some pleasant afternoons catching up on some reading. This month we have a issue full of brilliant writers. We start off with the illustrious and unpredictable Art Blue, who brings us two pieces this month, the first being the feature article, Supercazzola. A Crack in the Glass, followed by The End of an AI, both worthy of your attention.  Leslye Writer brings us a stunning poem, The Senora in the Blue Sweater. We’re so excited to feature this work that adds to our understanding of charity. We go back in time (September 2014) to reprint one of our favorite pieces by a favorite writer, Gudrun Gausman, called Color Me Crazy. Zymony Guyot is back with another remarkable poem, Grin Without a Cat. Jullianna Juliesse has been busy too, this month with No One Will Remember the Night I Ate Brains. We’ll remember. Cat Boccaccio contributes a powerful and original piece, My Last Thought. And we end with our best: RoseDrop Rust and his The Drift.  Enjoy the issue and enjoy the Spring.