Thursday, November 17, 2016

November/December rez Posted

Read the November/December rez in Issuu:

In keeping with tradition, we are combining our November and December issues into a single holiday issue, chock full of wonderful stories and poetry. If you have a moment in the days ahead, please treat yourself to some of the best writers around, in any medium. First, Jami Mills takes us through one of the great entertainments of this year, Imagine Too!, produced by The Monarchs (with a special mention of Royal Shippe and Diiar Vader Shippe). Now this show is something that can only be presented in a virtual world, and it is simply fabulous. Please be sure to catch their next performance. Huckleberry Hax returns to our pages with a wonderful ode to the 70s, in bring back the 70s.  Jullianna Juliesse brings us a stunning poem, Dancing With My Mutant Genes, and reminds us of why we love her work so much. Third Pilot is back with his second and last installment of Plan 9-800-Meta Harpers. Now we discover the stuff this crazy owl is made of!  Mariner Trilling contributes a tight, erotic observation with his Sexy Triolet (fans herself). Drover Mahogany continues his brilliant compilation of meditations he calls Footfalls Echo, this time, Chapter Two: Roads Not Taken. Close behind is JadeSecret Quan’s exquisite poem, Eagle Creek, so beautifully descriptive, you can feel the water wash over you. And if you’ve ever wanted to know what the life of a struggling artist is really about, you’ll be bowled over by Cassie Parker’s In A World of Change, a fascinating exploration of the creative arts. Mario Zecca joins us again with a thoughtful poem, The Coming of the Winter Sun, which reminds us of the changing seasons, and the coldness of the approaching winds. Space and Grace is Cat Boccaccio’s most recent glimpse (just a glimpse) into a slice of our humanity. We love each and every one of her pieces. And so, there you have our holiday issue, to bring you warmth, cheer, hope and blessings for a brighter future. We wish you a happy holiday season filled with love and family.