Friday, July 4, 2014

July rez Posted

Read the July issue of rez in Issuu:

With camera in tow, Jami Mills spends some quality time at Haveit Neox's thought-provoking installation at the LEA21 sim, Paper Observatory, and pays tribute to one of SL's most gifted artists. Sadly, it was "disassembled" at the end of January, but keep a lookout for more from Mr. Neox (and be sure to visit his blog, ACC Alpha).  Art Blue proves he can multi-task by interviewing Eugene Goostman, who has passed the Turing Test, in both 2014 and 2029. Sedona Mills contributes the third chapter, Reflection, of her futuristic short story, The Beginning of Life. Sedona chronicles the unraveling of society under Simon's watchful eye.  Once again, Loreen Legion adds her carefully detailed photographs, and we couldn't be happier.  Poet Adrian Blair continues to keep finding discarded Page 27s from an assortment of works, this time A Hungry Moon.  Adrian continues to challenge us, making us think as well as feel.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui bring us Chapter Six of The Key to Golden Hills, called Escape, and delve even deeper into crime and punishment, with another surprising twist.  Hitomi's atmospheric photographs beautifully enhance the noir elements of this superb story.  Crap Mariner brings us a piece of microfiction called Susie, who is frightened by a monster who is working himself up the corporate ladder.  Gudrun Gausman, who is known to make our mouths water with descriptions of savory and sweet dishes, goes all out this month with her article, Receipts (and archaic form of recipes), and gives our readers some suggestions of some great summer dishes.