Thursday, January 6, 2022

January rez Posted

Read the January issue of rez in Issuu: 

It's always invigorating to start a new year, thankful to be done with the last and looking forward with hope to a better one ahead. If you're hoping for some good reading in the new year, you've already found it. With The Cathedral, Jami Mills starts things off with a piece about Thoth Jantzen's wondrous sim, Ars Simulacra, containing works of art from some of the grid's greats, together with lessons on ethics and morality. Next, we have a challenging (in a good way) poem by Zati Kodaly, Manakamana, which is full of her unique imagery. If you were wondering whether Art Blue would make an appearance, wonder no more. God 9000 may be one of the most hilarious pieces by Art to date. Neruval, Art's AI owl, makes a cameo appearance, so have fun with it. RoseDrop Rust contributes The Drift, which is a short poem packed with romance and nostalgia. Deastluv Writer brings us be my friend, a charming poem filled with honesty and hope. Cat Boccaccio is back with The Cave-Dweller, which tells a tale of a silver lining found only in prison. Annie Mesmeriser's third installment of A Puppet's Tail is next, which takes us behind the scenes at a legit puppet show, with some fascinating glimpses into the world of magic. And finally, Nasaryn Mindes reminds us of what a prodigious talent she is with the stunning work, Untitled.  All in all, an issue for a new year, filled with superb writing. Just what we needed to kick of a new year.