Sunday, February 13, 2022

February rez Posted

Read the February Issue of rez in Issuu:

Dead of winter, bitter cold, snowbound.  What better way to spend a storm than inside by the fire with a copy of rez Magazine.  This month’s issue includes some familiar faces because they keep writing brilliantly.  With The Excavation of Phil, Art Blue starts us off with a madcap frolic in Amerika, with a soundtrack including Elvis.  We all need to keep pace with the future.  Dubhna Rhiadra contributes Creation Myth Continuation, picking up from where she left off with her earlier Creation Myth.  It’s just as charming and wise as the original.  Zati Kodaly’s Chilean Meditation is next and wows us with another extraordinary poem.  RoseDrop Rust instructs us on food fashion with Sustainable Predation. Cat Boccaccio, who says more with less, has written a beautiful piece of short fiction, Chips.  Annie Mesmeriser is back with the fourth installment of her hilarious A Puppet’s Tail: We’re All Quite Mad Here.  Rakshowes brings us The visit, a poem that’s naughty but of so nice.  And finally, we are reprinting an article about chess and Go titled Deep Blue, Alpha Go and the Kido Sim.  Stay safe and warm.