Thursday, June 2, 2016

June rez Posted

read the June issue of rez in Issuu:

We dedicate this month’s issue of rez Magazine to one of the giants in the world of poetry, Stosh Quartz, who passed away this past month.  She touched so many people here, poets and dreamers alike. We’ve reprinted on of her poems, A Young Woman’s Death, which both saddens and uplifts at the same time. She will be missed.  We also introduce this month Wu, who will be writing a series called She Rezzed for as many months as her nimble fingers hold out.  Art Blue returns from the future bearing gifts, this month in the form of a wonderful story called The Egg. This is Part One of a two-part series that will conclude in the July issue.  Elegy: A Matter of Quartz is a tribute to Stosh beautifully composed by Grail Arnica. Jami Mills explores the state-of-the-art in computer gaming technology, following the exploits of IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s AlphaGo.  She finally ends up at SL’s Go sim, Kido, to bask in its beauty and even picked up a game too.  Neeva Torok is another first-time contributor, who has given us a lovely poem entitled Words and Prims.  We look forward to many more collaborations in future issues.  Bed Blanket is the latest piece by RoseDrop Rust, who muses about unkempt beds. Lucky I’m in Love With My Best Friend is a particularly poignant piece by DonJuan Writer, who knew Stosh better than anyone. Consuela Hypatia Caldwell follows up this month with an essay about abstract art, which as you know from last month’s feature, she has such an affinity for. And lastly, serene bechir closes the June issue with a stunning poem, “Poem With Chain Saw Backing.” Please enjoy this special memorial issue of rez.