Sunday, January 8, 2023

January rez Posted

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With the new year brings a clean slate, an ability to resolve to make things better. We can think of no better resolution that to read more in 2023. We have just what you need to ensure that you keep that resolution. Starting things off is Art Blue, who has been dabbling in his AI laboratory. He brings us Out of the Box, wherein he plays with ChatGPT, who writes for Art a story about Art and his AI owl, Neruval, hack the Space X server. ChatGPT seems to understand Art perfectly, but dissapoints Art in the end. Zymony Guyot pens another wonderfully rhythmic poem, Spaces, which dazzles our senses and challenges our minds. Cat Boccaccio, our resident microfiction writer, delivers another creepy slice of life with When Iggie Met Sally. RoseDrop Rust brings us Not Safe, another in a long collection of remarkable poems.  Plague Delusion Chronicle is Zati Kodaly's complex narrative, calling up images of juvenile mockingbirds. Lynn Mimistrobell walks us through the best of Johann Sebastian Bach with her The Brandenburg Concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach, which entertains and enlightens. LOVE is presented by Sic Parabellum, who is new to our pages, although his style is vaguely familiar. Similarly disturbing is Dearstluv Writer's excellent Brokern Highway, where she rides down her version of the highway to Hell. And finally we end with another Art Blue piece, Zvook, which carries on Art's fascination with AI, this time in the realm of art. Happy New Year from all of us at rez.