Saturday, September 5, 2020

September rez Posted

read the September issue of rez in Issuu:

As many count down the days until the American presidential election, at rez we’re counting down the days until the end of summer (21 days as of this writing). Why? If summer is over, so is summer reading season. Thankfully, there’s a fall reading season also. There’s enough wonderful writing in this month’s issue to keep you enthralled through both seasons. Dubhna Rhiadra starts things off with A Global Creation Myth, another of her splendid parables, this time telling the story of no less than the beginning of the world. It’s charming, spiritual, insightful and, as all her work, “wondrous.” Two of our favorite poets, Persephone Phoenix and Consuela Hypatia Caldwell, like jazz musicians trading fours, alternate their stanzas beautifully in Capitalist Speed Dial, and the result is impressive. Zymony Guyot is revered in our pages for his poetry’s musical feel, riffing in and out (always in perfect tune) of the most important issues of our day. A Reading From the Book of Karen is passionate and blunt. It’s also written with such style and voice, you just want to let it soak in and contemplate his “good trouble.” Also expressing the angst of our times, RoseDrop Rust’s The Verge is a very personal and evocative poem, putting words to our collective anxieties about, well, just about everything it seems. When we read Art Blue, we’re always challenged to go “off-page.” He sends us into another space/time digital dilemma with ARIADNE. Shine on You. It’s an extraordinary tale by Art (aren’t they all?) and you’ll enjoy it. Cat Boccaccio is brief and to a very wonderful point, and Oh, Bucket is another example of how Cat owns the micro-fiction world. Will Blake draws such unique and colorful connections in his poetry, and Fierce Blessings is no exception. He leaves us wanting more. Sister Echo is Zati Kodaly’s poetic response to our place in the universe. Finally, CR Torok captures the infatuations we all fall prey to (sooner or later), with Footsteps in Passing, a nice way to finish up another issue of rez. Enjoy the reading and the pretty pictures.