Monday, May 8, 2023

May rez Posted

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May flowers are everywhere thanks to a wet winter and spring. And great poetry, prose and articles of interest are also everywhere in this month’s issue of rez, starting with Kunst Blau’s Supercazolla – Remember INK, followed on his heels by a conversation between Art Blue and ChatGPT, during which Art corrects ChatGPT, which, to its credit, apologizes for its error.  Mist Mourning Morning is a superb poem by RoseDrop Rust. Cat Boccaccio gets serious with an examination of antisemitism in Devotion. Nene, part of management for TerpsiCorps ARTwerks, shares why she is happy to be a part of that dance family. Leslye Writer offers another brilliant poem, Paint, describing how layers of paint sometimes hide more than the paint beneath. And finally, Lynn Mimistrobell walks us through the lush orchestrations of Claude Debussy. Enjoy this month’s issue!