Monday, June 1, 2020

June rez Posted

read the June issue of rez in issuu:

We are especially proud to publish the 100th issue of rez Magazine, celebrating the virtual arts since 2011.  We are grateful for the support and contributions of countless artists, writers, musicians, designers and staff who have devoted themselves to the arts. While not everyone has the time to read lengthy pieces, rez offers succulent tidbits and timely reporting. We start the issue with Time For a Cure, Barbie Starr’s coverage of Sci-Fi Con 12, an annual sci-fi celebration in support of Relay For Life.  R. returns to our pages with a wonderful piece, Every Day Spent. Rakshowes shows us why she’s one of our favorite contributors with her stunning The Virus with the Crown. Art Blue pages through his holographic files and finds an orange for us in An Orange For You. RoseDrop Rust, our poet emeritus (because he’s contributed so many fine poems over the years), offers us Burlesque, leaving us laughing in the aisles. Zymony Guyot dazzles us with What Evs, renewing his copyright on happiness. Jullianna Juliesse encounters an old flame and is flooded with memories in Once, I Actually Dated a Lifeguard. Larkbird Parx returns with another in her Singer/Songwriter Series, this time profiling the wonderful work of Winston Ackland. Cat Boccaccio, who has graced our pages since the very first issue, delivers a poignant piece of micro-fiction, Mockingbird. And what can I say about the poetry of Dearstluv Writer, other than we’re honored to included her month after month. When? is her sad, but important work, mourning the trampling of our garden Earth. Thank you to all who have contributed to rez over the years, and thank you, dear readers, for supporting rez, the virtual arts and life magazine. Here’s to another hundred issues!