Thursday, August 5, 2021

August rez Posted

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We have an embarrassment of riches this month, and that’s a good thing because summer reading season is in full swing.  We start things off as we often do with a sensational piece by Art Blue, who urges us in Amerika in Your Mind to ask Siri about Hypercolour Blue, but that seems more difficult than simply asking Art’s AI owl, Neruval, who already knows.  RoseDrop Rust brings us two poems this month, the first being Having Writ, and he uses his pen like a catcher’s mitt.  Jami Mills brings us the exciting last installment of Wishbone One Final Chapter: A Tender Kiss.  We don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll be surprised by the ending.  Damien Hirst is another offering by Art Blue this month, wherein he cites a term used by Immanuel Kant to describe the complexity of existence.  Art’s been doing a damn good job of that so far.  Zati Kodaly returns with a wonderful and quixotic poem, Night Tennis at Edwards AFB, where she cavorts with test pilots, astronauts, and spooks.  Lynn Mimistrobell’s Wednesday night classical salons are filling up with people who want to hear her thoughtful and educational musical presentations.  She recently highlighted Schubert’s Lieder.  The more we listen, the more we like.  Nazzie Darkshadow contributes a lovely poem simply titled, Strength.  Such a talent!  And finally, RoseDrop Rust brings the August issue to a close with a poem, Ego Fell, about ego trips…literally.  Enjoy them all, in one sitting or over time.  We’ll see you next month!