Saturday, June 1, 2019

June rez Posted

Read the June issue of rez in issu:

In this month’s feature article, Sci-Fi Con Unveiled!, Barbie Starr gives us a detailed look at the annual event that celebrates all things Sci-Fi, but more importantly, raises money for Relay For Life, the organization that’s done so much to fight the scourge of cancer. This year was a record-breaking fundraiser and Barbie shows us who we should be thanking for putting on this extravagant and very successful event.  Trinana Peach gives us a poignant poem, Things I’ll Never Do Again, that looks back with some sadness over so many of the things that have make a life joyful.  The Swizzles is a humorous short story by Jami Mills, who ventures into the jungles of New Guinea to answer the question, “Where do swizzle sticks come from?” Singh Albatros is back in our pages with a stunner of a poem, The Village That Women Built, about oppressed women throughout the world. We’re so happy to welcome back Singh’s wonderful voice. In his poem, SLT, Flint Firebrand examines matters of luck, life and death in a remarkable poem full of his deep insights into the human condition.  Hans8 (is that his “real” name?) questions the morality of Artificial Intelligence in the fascinating essay, Why Max Must Be Caged, in which he suggests how humans may hope to interface with their superior thinking machines.  No one explores the awkwardness of social interactions better than our fave micro-fiction writer, Cat Boccaccio, and in Seasonal Mushrooms, she outdoes herself. One of our favorite poets, Dearstluv Writer, brings this month’s issue to an exciting close with her fabulous poem, Does It Matter? In Dearstluv’s case, it certainly does.  Enjoy!