Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June rez Posted

read the June issue of rez in Issuu:

Some people really don’t need any introduction, even though they are new to us.  Cassie Parker is one such person.  A huge talent in both worlds, Cassie brings a perspective on the performing arts that few possess. Cassie produces world-class theatrical productions in real life, which makes us immensely proud to have her join our staff at rez.  Not only will you enjoy her second piece for rez, What If?, but you’ll enjoy many future articles as well. Cassie asks some very important questions about what makes a virtual production special. All wonderful food for thought. Welcome to the asylum, Cassie. Speaking of needing no introduction, Art Blue is back with a thought provoking piece (when is Art never thought provoking?), Ex Reality. Futurist, mad scientist, bon vivant, Art sheds light on places and times we never knew existed. But he always manages to bring them into clear focus. Coming off the success of the LEA performance art piece, Moonrezzer, which people are still talking about, Art can’t sit still. Whether his AI, Neruval the owl, is really behind Art’s burst of creativity, we may never know. For those of you who have ever thought about your family history, great-great grandparents, and cousins once removed, genealogy is the subject of Jami Mills’ article, Connection. Genie Wezzles and Barbara Collazo met with Jami recently and discussed family trees and all of the digital tools that are now available to make a search of family histories so easy, any one of us might be tempted to start a search. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all find out we’re related to Charlemagne. Save June 6 for a gigantic SL/RL family reunion at the SL sim, Just Genealogy, to celebrate our inter-connectedness. And this month, The Perfect Gentleman (aka Harry Bailey) brings his noir crime spoof, Murder: Rated PG, to an unexpected close. Did Sed do it? Will justice be done? Will Harry get paid? And one last thing: our monthly piece of Crap. This month’s microfiction blast is Mouse, which proves that technology isn’t always used for Good. Does Crap have a dark side? Read on.