Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday rez Posted

Read the Holiday issue of rez in Issuu:
This year we have combined the November and December issues into a single holiday issue which we hope you will enjoy reading. Starting things off is the second installment of Jami Mills’ short story, Wishbone One, which explores universes without and within. Vigorous training is underway for a controversial manned trip to Mars, but there are many challenges in such a mission in the best of circumstances. Klannex Northmead introduces himself to our readers with his poem, Buddha. We couldn’t be happier to include his wonderful work in this issue.  Art Blue is certainly alive and well in some realm. How do we know this? Because Parallel Lives: A Step Into the Future didn’t write itself (although Art’s AI, Neruval the owl, may be playing us all). As a companion piece, Herbert W. Franke’s German story, Der Traum vom Meer (Ocean Dream), translated for rez by Art Blue and Jami Mills, is a wonderful cautionary tale about the future. Stalking the Aisles of the Supermarket is another wonderful poem by Mariner Trilling, who can resist everything but temptation. Jullianna Juliesse contributes her poem, Waltzing Toward Armageddon, which is an honest, eyes-wide-open look at our world. The Perfect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, is back and has discovered a charming group of ladies called The Iron Roses, a pitch-perfect, ribald burlesque troupe whose main aim is to titillate and entertain, and they hit a bulls-eye on both counts. Will Blake is back with his unique poetic voice, this time bringing us Destry Nurses a Broken Heart, describing the Wild West as never before. And bringing this holiday issue to a close is Kamille Kamala, whose tender poem, The Damask Rose, is a fitting conclusion, tying the thorns and blossoms of this issue together so very nicely.  Enjoy this issue and, above all else, enjoy your friends and family this holiday season. We’ll see you again in 2016.