Monday, December 1, 2014

December rez Posted

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On most days, we see a variety of clouds and never really give them a second thought. Well, paula cloudpainter does, and she translates her passion for clouds onto her canvases. This month, we celebrate clouds in all their manifestations...cumulus nimbus, cirrus..all the fluffy stuff that jazzes up the skies. And paula cloudpainter personifies dedication to an ideal: clouds in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Cat Boccaccio enticed Toysoldier Thor into answering her daring 14 questions and we're glad she did. One of the most thoughtful responses (he obviously accepted Cat's challenge with gusto). Sedona Mills doesn't let up one bit in her futuristic espionage thriller, The Beginning of Life. This month is the first of a two-part finale of this magnificent and thrilling work. The Dream Machine was concocted by Art Blue.  He imagines his dream woman who, given the dashing persona of the author, Art Blue, spins a dream of her own. The Perfect Gentleman takes us shopping this holiday season and reminds us of why we keep coming back - - the friends we cherish so much. With the assistance of Friday Blaisdale, the PG takes us shopping and ends up the evening in style - a fine dining experience at the Lobster Claw and a night of dancing. Crap Mariner makes the same mistake over and over again in Mistake. Hitomi Tamatzui, who recently brought us the breathtaking Key to Golden Hills noir serial, dazzles us with her description of the Wild West sims in SL, and augments her piece with stunning photos, her trademark. Adrian Blair gives us a thought provoking poem of bewilderment and heartbreak, The Holocaust Dress.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November rez Posted

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This month’s issue features SL’s beloved Bryn Oh, who has brought us so many wonderful works of art over the years, including large scale installations, such as her Retrospective at LEA9, or her most recent offering, The Singularity of Kumiko, which is now showing at Immersiva, or smaller sculptures.  The Retrospective is more of a reunion with some of our favorite pieces than a retrospective, which I think of being the domain of gray hairs.  Cat Boccaccio is back from hiatus and  snags SL machinima virtuoso, Iono Allen, who accepts Cat’s challenge to answer her 14 leading questions.  Art Blue leaves “nothing” to the imagination…literally…as he asks important questions about the importance of invisible things.  Sedona Mills brings us the seventh installment of her heart-pounding story of greed, power, and bytes in her futuristic thriller, The Beginning of Life.  This month’s installment is called Enlightenment and we’re on the edge of our seats. Stargazer Daylight was lucky, indeed, to entice SL fashion innovator and contest creator, Flora Raven, to reveal some wonderful insights into the fashion world, modeling, and the unimaginably talented artists that surround us all here on a daily basis.  You will remember the stunning images of Hitomi Tamatzui from her work on The Key to Golden Hills.  Now she’s branched out on her own, this time exploring the fall season and the beautiful builds of Medil and Maethoriel Laiquendi.  And what issue may I ask  would be complete without some Crap Mariner microfiction?  This month we offer Crap’s own brand  of dementia in Drag the Kids Around, a cautionary Halloween tale.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October rez Posted

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The October issue of rez features Jamee Sandlewood on the cover, one of a number of SL's dedicated fashion models who contributed their time and talent to support the fight against breast cancer.  This year's Rock Your Rack was a multi-day fashion extravaganza to raise money and awareness about this truly great cause.  Stargazer Daylight wrote the lead article, which contains not only a stunning pictorial about the shows themselves, but also insights and interviews with the participants.  Suki R. Barrowstone was a key figure in RYR, moderating and organizing the event.  Zymony Guyot contributes another wonderful poem, The News, with a sharp take on politics and culture, all with his refreshing beat style (and a hip hop chaser). Sedona Mills brings us the fifth chapter of her futuristic serial, The Beginning of Life:  Realization, a tense, taut mystery set in the distant future.  M*A*S*H 4070 is a sim created by Tahiti Rae set in Korea during the war, and it's brought to life in this month's issue by Hitomi Tamatzui, who gives a wonderful description of the installation, both in words and in her wonderful photographs.  And speaking of the future, our own resident futurist, Art Blue, concludes his two-part series with The End: The Next Bluescreen.  Friday Blaisdale joins Harry Bailey for a night on the town, offering a glimpse into how an SL gentleman approaches an evening of dancing and romance. They visit Bogart's, Blue Note, and Noir, images contributed by Jami Mills. Adrian Blair's The Family makes us think about long-held notions about the ties that connect all families.  And last, but certainly not least, Crap Mariner slips another 100 words over the transom with his cautionary tale about dating, called Super Pirate.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September rez Posted

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This month's cover gives a hint that we exploring the Wild West inside.  The Perfect Gentleman, back with renewed vigor, is accompanied by his Annie Oakley, Friday Blaisdale, and together they report that the state of County & Western music in SL is alive and well, visiting three of the premier C&W venues.  Sedona Mills gives us her fifth installment of the intriguing and always thrilling series, The Beginning of Life: The Dragon. Sedona has us all guessing about what will happen next, and the best thing is, there are more several more chapters to come.  And speaking of exciting series, this month brings us the heart-stopping finale of the eight-chapter noir series, The Key to Golden Hills: Revelation.  Hitomi Tamatzui and Stihly Augenblick give us all the answers in this last chapter of their marvelous story, brought to life with Hitomi's moody photos. Although we don't like to reward hackers, we'll make an exception in the case of Defcon 2 by Harry Hacker, who you'll remember from The Beginning of Life.  It's all a little confusing, and even our publisher, Jami Mills, found herself the subject of a hack, but it's all in this month's issue for the readers to sort out.  As if hiding in this month's issue, Adrian Blair has retrieved another Page 27, which we publish in its pure state, as found.  Adrian's contribution of these "found" pages is particularly satisfying and we hope there are many more revealed in the months ahead. Gudrun Gausman explores color theory and fashion, and puts it all in a historical perspective with her delightful piece, Color Me Crazy, in which she answers the question whether shoes need match a handbag. StarGazer Daylight is back with a fascinating interview with Missyluve, who has brought us SL's first Next Top Model. Grepton is this month's offering of Crap Mariner's latest 100 words, which are always assembled in a surprising and unique fashion. Enjoy these wonderful talents.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August rez Posted

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Jami Mills does something she's always wanted to do - - runs off and joins the circus. Le Cirque de Nuit to be precise. And she captures a little of the magic in the August issue that opened her eyes wide to the possibilities of SL immersive presentations. A tip of the hat to Idle Rogue Productions for such a fine show. Art Blue, who travels in circles we can only dream about (we believe he is living in 2029 at the moment), challenges us in ways that aren't intended to be comfortable. What does the future have in store for us? Have a read and find out. Sedona Mills brings us another chapter in her serial, The Beginning of Live: Awakening. In this exciting, edge-of-your-seat drama about our virtual future and where it may lead us, leaves us begging for more. Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui contribute one of the penultimate chapter of their noir thriller, The Key to Golden Hills: Return, leaving us to wonder how this sizzling story might possibly end.  Next month's issue will bring us the exciting conclusion to this tale of sex and drugs (sorry, no rock 'n roll). Gudrun Gausman gives us her take on the latest scuttlebutt in SL, the new, improved version SL 2.0. What's it all mean? Gudrun explains it all. Words have power, and in the hands of someone who knows how to use them, we're left breathless. And Zymony Zygot knows how to use them. He has the beat rhythm down pat in his take-down of contemporary life, Go World! Crap Mariner gets all soft on us (for a change) and contributes a heartfelt 100 words in Sand. Simply beautiful. And speaking of beauty, we lost a dear friend this month. Wulf Carlucci passed away last month, leaving a void that will be hard to fill. But he would have exhorted us to do just that. So we attempt in some small way to fill that void by dedicating this issue to his spirit, his humor, his sharp tongue and comforting kindness. I've wanted to punch him in the nose more than once. There'll never be another like him. Enjoy the issue!

Friday, July 4, 2014

July rez Posted

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With camera in tow, Jami Mills spends some quality time at Haveit Neox's thought-provoking installation at the LEA21 sim, Paper Observatory, and pays tribute to one of SL's most gifted artists. Sadly, it was "disassembled" at the end of January, but keep a lookout for more from Mr. Neox (and be sure to visit his blog, ACC Alpha).  Art Blue proves he can multi-task by interviewing Eugene Goostman, who has passed the Turing Test, in both 2014 and 2029. Sedona Mills contributes the third chapter, Reflection, of her futuristic short story, The Beginning of Life. Sedona chronicles the unraveling of society under Simon's watchful eye.  Once again, Loreen Legion adds her carefully detailed photographs, and we couldn't be happier.  Poet Adrian Blair continues to keep finding discarded Page 27s from an assortment of works, this time A Hungry Moon.  Adrian continues to challenge us, making us think as well as feel.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui bring us Chapter Six of The Key to Golden Hills, called Escape, and delve even deeper into crime and punishment, with another surprising twist.  Hitomi's atmospheric photographs beautifully enhance the noir elements of this superb story.  Crap Mariner brings us a piece of microfiction called Susie, who is frightened by a monster who is working himself up the corporate ladder.  Gudrun Gausman, who is known to make our mouths water with descriptions of savory and sweet dishes, goes all out this month with her article, Receipts (and archaic form of recipes), and gives our readers some suggestions of some great summer dishes.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June rez posted

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Sedona Mills plumbs ever-deepening mysteries in the second chapter of The Beginning of Life:  The Morning After, heaping suspense on top of her moody and atmospheric descriptions.  Super-talented singer/songwriter, Loreen Legion, again provides the accompanying photographs.  Ricky the Rat's dangerous game runs head-on into a technological rat trap, as Crap Mariner attests in his microfiction offering.  Art Blue's episodic futurist-thriller, The Artefact, about art and technology comes to a powerful and exciting conclusion this month with the final chapter, Still Not Known.  We look forward to exciting new offerings from Art (and his trusted companion, Neruval) in the very near future.  Elysienne, who has written with such passion in earlier issues, pays tribute to her native North American roots with a poem, Left Behind, which is filled with rage but always straight from the heart.  Hitomi Tamatzui covers Burn2 - Burnal Equinox for rez and brings our readers some insight into this unique annual celebration of the arts, as well as a dazzling array of wonderful images from the event.  With Gimme, Zymony Guyot delivers an explosive poem on themes of greed, power, and corruption.  Hitomi Tamatzui and Stihly Augenblick contribute the fifth chapter of their noir serial, The Key to Golden Hills: Capture, a dramatic study of an Asian crime syndicate. Gudrun Gausman examines the one-liner and dissects just what makes things funny in An Avatar Walks Into a Bar. Poet Adrian Blair, who has contributed such stellar works in prior issues, finds a discarded page, Page 27, that we reprint here, from An Arrow in Time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May rez posted

Read the May 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

This month's cover story by Jami Mills features one of the boldest spectacles Second Life has ever seen: The Basilique Performing Arts Company's ambitious production of Milton's Paradise Lost.  You'll have never seen anything quite like it, with its lavish sets and epic themes. Long-time contributor, Sedona Mills, takes a turn at fiction this month with The Beginning of Life. Her first chapter is called The Gift, and we look forward to many more.  SL singer/songwriter, Loreen Aldrin, adds some sumptuous photos in support of Sedona's taut writing. The writing team of Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui lead us into more adventures in their noir thriller, The Key to Golden Hills.  This month's chapter, The Key, keeps us on the edge of our seats.  Hitomi's moody black and white photographs are the perfect complement to their suspense-laden story.  The uber-talented Art Blue brings his cyber-thriller, The Artefact, to a close with this month's episode, I Am Substance. I Am Art.  We are especially pleased to have received permission from Art Blue's early mentor, Sergius Both (aka Herbert W. Franke), to reprint The Blue Elephant, a ground-breaking piece which Both originally published in German.  Gudrun Gausman recalls the world of Gor in her piece The Paradox of the Collar.  And finally, Crap Mariner brings us another work of microfiction entitled Otters, about the cutest critters on the planet.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April rez posted

Read the April 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

The April issue's cover feature is one of SL's most beloved singer/songwriters, AMForte Clarity, who was kind enough to sit down with Jami Mills and give an insightful interview about just what makes her tick.  Our own visionary, Art Blue, gives us a glimpse into the cyber-future with the third installment of his epic, The Artefact: I Am Substance. I Am Art.  Poet Luna Branwen, a regular contributor to our pages, shows us another side of herself with the haunting Silence in the Night.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui continue to thrill us with The Key to Golden Hills: Jing-Wei, another chapter of their exciting noir serial.  Crap Mariner asks us to think about the master composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in an entirely new way in Mozart.  In Silly Babbit, Gudrun Gausman considers the history of rabbits in the Easter tradition (beware: it is X-rated). The newest member of our family, Zymony Guyot, in his poem I Know, ask very difficult questions about greed, politics and justice. Finally, The Perfect Gentleman (otherwise known as Harry Bailey) goes back to his humble beginnings and tests the SL waters as a noob, and is more than surprised by his reception.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March rez posted

Read the March 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

The March issue of rez includes the cover article by Jami Mills, featuring Bryn Oh´s latest art installation, The Singularity of Kumiko. Art Blue brings us the second episode of his diabolical series, The Artefact: Back Dive Into the Depth.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui contribute their own noir episode, The Key to Golden Hills: Angie.  The Prefect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, takes us behind the scenes at our favorite New Orleans festival in his article, Mardi Gras.  Gudrun Gausman gives some historical context to St. Patrick's Day with her column, Finn McCool is Not a Sportsbar.  Regular contributor, Adrian Brody, delivers a beautiful poem, Our Fables Become Us.  Long-time contributor, Crap Mariner, distills his thoughts into another piece of erudite microfiction in Encyclopedia.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February rez posted

Read the February issue of rez in Issuu:

The February issue of rez features the cover story, The Cathedral Dreamer, by Art Blue, a fictional account of the creation of a new world, Genesis. rez is pleased to introduce the team of Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui, who bring us the first episode of a six-part noir thriller, The Key to Golden Hills: Philip. Gudrun Gausman explains the history of Valentine's Day in her enlightening article, Happy Lupercalia, My Love. StarGazer Daylight interviews SL nail artist, Kat Carter, in an illuminating feature, Kat Carter: Nail Artiste! Newcomer Alcinia Rossini shares her insights into communication in the virtual world in her article, Reinventing Ourselves. The Perfect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, waxes nostalgic about rezz days and staying forever young at heart in his Happy Rezz Day! Crap Mariner, in his microfiction piece, Harpoon, shows us just how hard it is to outwit the TSA.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January rez posted

Read the January 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

The January issue of rez pays tribute to one of SL's most talented singer/songwriters, Quantamis Navarathna, who passed away unexpectedly last December after a brief illness.  We honor his talent and his humanity. We've included in this issue the lyrics of his song, To Sedona: I Wish You Peace.  We won't forget him anytime soon. We also introduce a fresh new direction this month with the first chapter of a cybertech thriller, The Artefact, by the talented futurist, Art Blue.  Regular contributor, Luna Branwen, gives us a thoughtful poem, Our Business, which examines the role of creativity and just how much is really original.  In On the Street with Gazinia, StarGazer Daylight interviews Gazinia, a self-proclaimed "person on the street," about her insights into the fashion world, and gets some great shopping tips in the bargain.  Gudrun Gausman offers us some historical perspective on the origins of New Year's resolutions.  (I, for one, resolve to read more Gudrun Gausman in the coming year.)  Gudrun also tips her hat to "the dour grain" in her poem Oatmeal, and shares with our readers some of her favorite recipes (even some savory versions). Sedona Mills reminisces about 2013 and contemplates what shape her New Year's resolutions may take in her article, Sedona's New Year's Resolutions. And finally, Crap Mariner makes a wish in When You Wish Upon a Star, then promptly wishes he hadn't.