Saturday, October 4, 2014

October rez Posted

Read the October issue of rez in Issuu:

The October issue of rez features Jamee Sandlewood on the cover, one of a number of SL's dedicated fashion models who contributed their time and talent to support the fight against breast cancer.  This year's Rock Your Rack was a multi-day fashion extravaganza to raise money and awareness about this truly great cause.  Stargazer Daylight wrote the lead article, which contains not only a stunning pictorial about the shows themselves, but also insights and interviews with the participants.  Suki R. Barrowstone was a key figure in RYR, moderating and organizing the event.  Zymony Guyot contributes another wonderful poem, The News, with a sharp take on politics and culture, all with his refreshing beat style (and a hip hop chaser). Sedona Mills brings us the fifth chapter of her futuristic serial, The Beginning of Life:  Realization, a tense, taut mystery set in the distant future.  M*A*S*H 4070 is a sim created by Tahiti Rae set in Korea during the war, and it's brought to life in this month's issue by Hitomi Tamatzui, who gives a wonderful description of the installation, both in words and in her wonderful photographs.  And speaking of the future, our own resident futurist, Art Blue, concludes his two-part series with The End: The Next Bluescreen.  Friday Blaisdale joins Harry Bailey for a night on the town, offering a glimpse into how an SL gentleman approaches an evening of dancing and romance. They visit Bogart's, Blue Note, and Noir, images contributed by Jami Mills. Adrian Blair's The Family makes us think about long-held notions about the ties that connect all families.  And last, but certainly not least, Crap Mariner slips another 100 words over the transom with his cautionary tale about dating, called Super Pirate.