Tuesday, January 9, 2024

January rez Posted

Read the January issue of rez in Joomag:

Once again, we feel the loss of a giant in the literary field, a graphic artist contributor for rez, and a good friend.  Cat Boccaccio, who conveyed expansive meaning in the fewest of words, passed away recently from an illness. These losses are only bearable knowing that we still have their work and can continue to keep their spirits alive by publishing them in future issues.  We dedicate ourselves to that task. In the meantime, rez, like life, goes on. This month, Art Blue kicks us off with another tour de force, Uber Eats - The Domain Inquisitor. Consuela Hypatia Caldwell and Zati Kodaly team up with a romantic work, Behind Blinds. With a heavy heart, we bring you Cat Boccaccio's Crazy Dark Place. Vetril Dease introduces us to all manners of mind-boggling matters in Universal Life Grant, not the least of which is the uplift. Zymony Guyot issues a warning with Statistical Corpses.  Dearstluv Writer poses the question that mut be posed:  Given a choice, will we choose love? And no issue of rez is complete without exploring the always fascinating mind of RoseDrop Rust, who brings us The Drift.  Enjoy this issue and go hug someone you love.