Thursday, March 4, 2021

March rez Posted

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As we begin to thaw out after a brutal winter for some (and a delightful balmy one in the Southwest, but we’ve learned to keep our mouths shut about that), spring shoots are beginning to appear. But while the chill is still in the air, we invite you to open up a copy of this month’s issue featuring the best of the best writers on the grid.  Let me start, for example, with the insightful work of Larkbird Parx, who delights in covering the virtual music scene and this month selected one of the giants, Max Kleene. Larkbird coaxes out some fascinating bits and pieces of Max’s life, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy. We were so enthralled by the Perseverance landing on Mars that we’re reprinting the first installment of Jami Mills’s short story, Wishbone One. She stretched out on this piece, so we’ll be serializing it over the next few issues. If you want to know what’s going on with computers and AI, you’ll always learn a lot from Art Blue (or is it his AI owl, Neruval?), who brings us Kwatzzz, an eerie look into our uncertain future. RoseDrop Rust is writing some of his best work right now, and we’re a grateful audience. His Napkin Poet is something to behold. Dearstluv Writer has been a long-time contributor to rez and we’re pleased to present one of her shortest (but sweetest) poems to date, Skittles. Cat Boccaccio revisits one of her recurring characters, Leep, in Foul Play, a story that hints about something dark in his past. Singh Albatros, who has entertained so many of us with his audio readings, contributes The Ten Gates of the City, a wonderful tale of murderous intrigue. Merope Madrigal returns to our pages with a stunning poem, In the Messy Quiet, an insightful look into things others often pass by. Last, Zati Kokaly ends this month’s issue with a profoundly beautiful poem, Like Other Universes Undetectable. And that does is for this month. Enjoy the onset of Spring and please take very good care of yourselves. Cheers!