Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July rez posted

Read the July 2013 issue of rez in Issuu:

Our July issue starts with Cat Boccaccio's 14 Questions, this time posing them to SL singer/songwriter and SL bon vivant, RoseDrop Rust.  Jami Mills interviews artist, sculptor and mad scientist, Suzanne Graves, in her piece Very Graves, in which Jami explores Suzanne's lastest work, there's no ground.  The Perfect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, asks in his article Has SL Changed in the Past 10 Years? and shares his interesting perspective.  Gudrun Gausman contributes Primps and No Pimps, in which she gives us tips about the world's oldest profession.  Sedona Mills asks the question, Why Am I Naked and Why Aren't You? and you'll be surprised at her answers.  Poet Adrian Blair offers us a lovely poem, Angel of Doorways, about love's and life's cycles.  Luna Branwen gives us a tender, moving poem, Look Through.  And last but not least, Crap Mariner examines small town justice in his regular piece of microfiction, Judge, Jury and Executioner.