Thursday, September 4, 2014

September rez Posted

Read the September issue of rez in Issuu:

This month's cover gives a hint that we exploring the Wild West inside.  The Perfect Gentleman, back with renewed vigor, is accompanied by his Annie Oakley, Friday Blaisdale, and together they report that the state of County & Western music in SL is alive and well, visiting three of the premier C&W venues.  Sedona Mills gives us her fifth installment of the intriguing and always thrilling series, The Beginning of Life: The Dragon. Sedona has us all guessing about what will happen next, and the best thing is, there are more several more chapters to come.  And speaking of exciting series, this month brings us the heart-stopping finale of the eight-chapter noir series, The Key to Golden Hills: Revelation.  Hitomi Tamatzui and Stihly Augenblick give us all the answers in this last chapter of their marvelous story, brought to life with Hitomi's moody photos. Although we don't like to reward hackers, we'll make an exception in the case of Defcon 2 by Harry Hacker, who you'll remember from The Beginning of Life.  It's all a little confusing, and even our publisher, Jami Mills, found herself the subject of a hack, but it's all in this month's issue for the readers to sort out.  As if hiding in this month's issue, Adrian Blair has retrieved another Page 27, which we publish in its pure state, as found.  Adrian's contribution of these "found" pages is particularly satisfying and we hope there are many more revealed in the months ahead. Gudrun Gausman explores color theory and fashion, and puts it all in a historical perspective with her delightful piece, Color Me Crazy, in which she answers the question whether shoes need match a handbag. StarGazer Daylight is back with a fascinating interview with Missyluve, who has brought us SL's first Next Top Model. Grepton is this month's offering of Crap Mariner's latest 100 words, which are always assembled in a surprising and unique fashion. Enjoy these wonderful talents.

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