Monday, January 4, 2016

January rez Posted

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We have a very good feeling about 2016 here at rez. And why not? We’ve been gifted over the years with some of the brightest and most talented artists anywhere.  And this is certainly true with rez’s first issue of 2016.  Jami has her head in the stars again and has brought us her third installment of Wishbone One, entitled Selection. Seems as though there’s more to landing a man on Mars than first meets the eye.  RoseDrop Rust urges us to fight back against today’s darkness and beat it bloody, in his sharp poem, Beaten Bloody Blues.  And joining Jami in the distant future is our very own futurist, Art Blue, who has a two-part installment, Final Art.  This month’s piece, Tears of Rain, pays homage to Blade Runner, a seminal film in Art’s time-bending work.  Poetry Editor (and one of the founding members of rez), Jullianna Juliesse, has a sensational poem, An Invocation Foreboding Fox News, wherein she urges us to leave all of the hatred behind us.  Wolfgang Glinka shows us that two is at least twice as good as one by giving us two delightful, short poems, Hot Tub and Alfresco.  We liked them so much together, we’ve published them side by side.  We have included a parable by poetess and short story writer Dubhna Rhiadra, who spins a tale about a resourceful girl and her devious doll.  We hope Dubhna will grace our pages many times in the future.  Jullianna's co-conspirator, Mariner Trilling (also a Poetry Editor for rez), skillfully describes what it’s like when you *really* have to go.  His Universal Feeling gets right to the point (with an homage to Marcel Duchamp).  Not a newcomer to rez, Consuela Hypatia Caldwell holds nothing back with her heartbreaking story of tragedy and redemption, A Mother's Loss.  And we close this first issue of 2016 with a stunning poem by our newest poet, Karima Hoisan, who brings us to the edge of our seats with The Voice of Annihilation.  Here’s to a wonderful 2016.  We hope you’ll enjoy every issue as much as we do.  Happy New Year from the staff of rez.


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