Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May rez Posted

Read the May issue of rez in issuu:


Welcome to the May issue of rez Magazine. We are particularly proud to present the spectacular images of Consuela Hypatia Caldwell, with all of their colorful exuberance, texture and vitality.  You’ll remember Consuela from earlier publications featuring her poetry and prose.  Jami Mills interviews the artist about the intensity of her images and the stunning use of color and texture in her photographs. Not only does Consuela give some thoughtful insights into her work, but Jami has curated a handful of her favorite photographs so you’ll know what everyone is so excited about. We would also like to welcome Romie Vella to rez, who introduces herself to our readers with a beautifully crafted poem about things falling apart. We look forward to many future contributions from this unique talent. Ray Blue, who took over after Art Blue’s untimely demise, follows up on his story, The Swimmer, in last month’s issue with a complicated and staggering piece this month called The Lady in Black. Jullianna Juliesse shares the age-old argument between Prudence and Lust. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then you’ll need to read Mariner Trilling’s romantic poem, The Most Seductive Thing I Wrote Today. Very much at the top of his game, Mariner muses about the object of his affection.  Zari takes a moment from her chores as a kajira in Gor (the Jon Norman-inspired land of mystery) to explain what it’s really like being a slave in the primitive but very sophisticated world of Gor.  In Boy’s I’d Like to Fuck #1 – Phil Burke, Merope Madrigal describes her yearning for another young lad with whom she would like to have her way.  And closing out the May issue, Flynt Firebrand gives us a poem about impermanence and how the house always seems to win. We hope you enjoying reading this issue as much as we enjoyed presenting these very exciting artists.  Enjoy.


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