Thursday, March 2, 2017

March rez Posted

Read the March issue of rez in Issuu:

As buds begin to show their faces, as the ice thaws and reservoirs fill, there’s a pervasive sense of rebirth.  Happens every year ‘bout this time.  A number of the finest artists in any medium or grid have contributed the fruits of their continuing rebirth to this month’s issue of rez.  You can feel the excitement of the new environment.  This month, Cassie Parker reveals in Whitechapel Rising more about the new virtual world of Whitechapel – Victorian London, which opens March 4th at LEA 10. Stopping by this magnificent experiment, with live readings, art galleries filled with some of the most influential artists, machinima, several spectacular theaters, all in the backdrop of Jack the Ripper’s London, it’s a must see.  Cyberphoria visits us again in Art is Born, telling us she’s received plates with fractals on them, and then proceeding to reveal the truth about black holes and Moses Simulators.  Jullianna Juliesse rises up and puts on her pussy ears and tells it like it is, in She Persisted.  Cat Boccaccio, who is familiar to most of you as rez’s favorite micro-fiction author, pulls the curtain back on some very local entertainment, in Circus. For his fifth installment in the Footfalls Echo series, Drover Mahogany continues his morning walks, which puts him in just the right mood to share with us his most recent musing, Intimacy. In Encounter in a Parking Garage, Mariner Trilling gets quite a surprise in the most unlikely place: a parking garage.  Consuela Hypatia Caldwell is back this month with Ridiculous Thoughts, but her articulation of those ridiculous thoughts is quite wonderful. Lastly, in The Obligatory Smiley, Huckleberry Hax punctuates his thoughts (and this wonderful issue) with a great big smiley face. That’s it for March and we hope you enjoy it!

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