Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May rez Posted

Read the May issue of rez in Issuu:

With even our friends in the coldest climates beginning to venture outside to green shoots and flower buds, we’re finally able to celebrate the end of a long arduous winter. To help with the transition to warmer weather, we’re offering you the May issue of rez, chock full of excellent writing and food for thought.  We start with an experiment that Jami Mills and Amy Inawe concocted: writing a short story in the exquisite corpse style of the Surrealists, where one author writes a paragraph or two and hands it off to the other, and back and forth it goes until the piece is done.  The Double-Crossers is the result of that experiment and we hope you enjoy it.  They had so much fun writing it, that it will appear in four installments over the coming months.  Cat Boccaccio again tantalizes us with her economical The Great Scheme of Things, in which she ponders how we’ll be remembered when we’re gone.  What we’re sure of is that we’ll be remembering this wonderful story by one of our most gifted writers.  Wu is back after a short break with She Rezzed #8, offering her erotic perspective on love, devotion, and taking deep breaths.  Mariner Trilling never was much of a cat lover, until Chuck entered his life.  Cat Poem questions just what it is that Chuck is searching for and in so doing sheds some light on our own personal search.  Back with the second installment of ORIGIN, Art Blue (or is it Jami Mills?) continues his (her?) essay on Dan Brown’s ORIGIN, and how we all need some Alya Red in our lives.  In Reaching Out, Dearstluv Writer pens a poignant and touching expression of the universal desire to connect, love and be loved.  One of our favorites, RoseDrop Rust, returns with a wonderful poem, Mistook Love for Luck.  Rusty rarely makes a mistake, but he didn’t walk away when he was winning.  CR Torok brings us to the end of the issue with Footsteps in Passing, where he encounters a beautiful woman who turns many a head, but who never takes notice herself.  Please enjoy this month’s issue or rez.  We thoroughly enjoyed bring it to you.

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