Sunday, September 30, 2018

October rez Posted

read the October issue of rez in Issuu:

we’re surrounded with making this month’s issue one of our best.  We start things off with The G.B.T.H. Project, an article by Jami Mills which explores one of the most exciting new art galleries on the grid, the G.T.B.H. Project, owned and operated by Marina Munter and Megan Prumier.  Every month or so they re-imagine the gallery to accommodate the works of some of the finest virtual artists around.  Jami was fortunate enough to interview Marina, who shared her thoughts about art and the virtual environment.  Cat Boccaccio has written another gem, this time called Test Drive, which re-introduces to our readers one of Cat’s favorite characters, Leep, who’s back with a tale of Chinese warriors and melted candles.  This issue also includes some wonderful poetry, including Dearstluv Writer’s uniquely romantic piece, Avatar, in which she brings the passion and breathlessness of a new love to the forefront.  Barbie Starr caught up with Suzen JueL, who graciously agreed to sit for any interview with her. Barbie finds out more about Suzen’s illustrious musical career, but also learns about Suzen as fine artist. We include some of Suzen’s wonderful paintings along with Barbie’s interview.  Shyla the Super Gecko returns to our pages with a nostalgic poem, The Road Which Never Ends, about roads that were taken, and how fondly we recall the memories of those experiences.  Art Blue contributes I Hide You, which is a deep dive into computers, AI and Tomorrowland.  It’s a fascinating read and Art’s perspective on the future will dazzle and fascinate those wondering where our technology is headed in the years to come. Zymony Guyot delivers another up/down, all around mash up of words and spaces in Blank.  And last, but not least, RoseDrop Rust adds Bed Blanket, which finds connections in the most unexpected places, like a rumpled blanket. Enjoy this month’s issue!

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