Sunday, August 4, 2019

August rez Posted

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Into the heart of the summer we go with plenty of summer reading to sustain us. Leading off this month’s issue is Barbie Starr’s preview of the eighth annual celebration of H.P. Lovecraft at Lovefest later in August. Barbie gives us some of the history of the event and the sims that hold it. We challenged RoseDrop Rust to take a crack at short story writing and man did he deliver with Elvis, Snow White, and the Princess Bunny, a hilarious mashup of some of our favorite stories. TimAqua is new to our magazine and writes a powerful ode to those who stood up to injustice at Standing Rock. We look forward to hearing his strong voice in future issues. Jullianna Juliesse contributes a heartfelt poem about her dying father and a missed opportunity in Daddy’s Almost Haircut. Zymony Guyot is back this month with a tale of wreckage and healing called In Our Doom. SL celebrates its 16th birthday this year at SL16b and cub reporter Barbie Starr was there to cover it, with a 50s theme this time around. Cat Boccaccio’s micro-fiction keeps getting better and better and this month’s piece Fight or Flight is the best evidence. Mom Said is a visceral poem about the ravages of aging by one of our finest poets, Dearstluv Writer. Lastly, Shyla the Super Gecko cries tears over how we’ve abused and mistreated our collective home, Planet Earth. Enjoy the summer reading!

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