Saturday, May 2, 2020

May rez Posted

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As we continue our seemingly endless quarantine, we do appreciate the added opportunity it provides for us to catch up on some reading.  The May issue of rez comes at a good time for that, full of enchanting stories and insightful poetry, just the sort of thing we all need right now.  So to start things off, Cybele Moon continues her wonderful parable, The Siren’s Bones, the second of a two-part series.  If you missed the first part, be sure to visit our blog, where all of our back issues are archived.  Zymony Guyot, with his bebop poetry, nails another hypocrisy on the head in his poem, Brother Dollar Bill.  Art Blue cuts a wide swath through so many different subjects in Viralo, exploring the responses to COVID-19 and a certain President’s response, among other things.  Loreen Aldrin is the subject of Larkbird Parx’s new “Singer/Songwriter Series” and it’s always a joy to catch up with such a talent as Loreen.  Cat Boccaccio, who does more with less than any other writer we know, contributes some dramatic micro-fiction with Stefan, the story of a femme fatale with ice in her veins.  RoseDrop Rust’s Elvis Christ Ultrastar concerns the return to SL of an erstwhile singer seeking to claim his birthright as a superstar.  Shyla the Super Gecko doesn’t pull any punches when she asks tough questions about gun violence.  Real Revolution by Consuela Hypatia Caldwell is her latest contribution, seeking meaning wherever it can be found.  And last but not least, Jullianna Juliesse has a brush with the virus and lives to tell the tale in Isolation.  All in all, it’s a wonderful issue that should fill some of your hours with some provocative thoughts.  Enjoy!

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