Saturday, February 6, 2021

February rez Posted

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As we slog our way through a bitter cold winter, there’s great writing in this month’s issue to warm even the coldest among us. Have a seat in your most comfortable armchair, throw another log on the fire, have a sip of mulled wine, and enjoy this month’s issue of rez, featuring the best writers on the grid.  This month, Lynn Mimistrobell enthralls us with her take on Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, a stunningly beautiful work made all the more accessible thanks to Lynn’s accompanying explanations.  Art Blue is back with even more questions than answers about the state of AI in his fascinating piece, Shredded Freebie. Covering the political beat as only he can do, Zymony Guyot pens a haunting and deeply disturbing poem, Double Down, that looks into America’s dark mirror.  Cat Boccaccio, who always says more with less, stretches out a little bit to our great delight in Barnaby, a short story replete with a damsel in distress and her oblivious horse. Our friend and new contributor, Myra Wildmist, explores the nature of virtual art in Why is “Virtual” a Dirty Word, and questions why virtual are has been so undervalued in the past. Shyla the Super Gecko contributes a difficult yet important poem, Pain, and brings us closer to understanding the inner joy of self-reflection. In Screw You, Nazaryn Mindes returns with another brilliant poem, rightfully arguing that it’s sometimes better to see with our hearts than with our eyes. And what better way to end the February issue (Valentine’s Day is almost upon us) than with A Love Story by Consuela Hypatia Caldwell, one of our most eloquent voices.  Time to throw another log on the fire that’ll keep us warm until the March issue of rez. Enjoy!

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