Thursday, November 25, 2021

November/December rez Posted

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As is our tradition here at rez Magazine, we have combined the November and December issues into a single “holiday” issue, with all the brilliant writing, which we hope you’ve grown accustomed to. Art Blue contributes two stories this month, the first being the second and final installment of Derender Me, a venture into the future, with advice on bitcoins and blockchain.  Noman is Art’s second story, also about the future and algorithms that boggle the mind. Rakshowes knocks us out again with her wonderful poem, Elemental, where she dazzles with brilliant imagery. Annie Mesmeriser brings us her second installment of A Puppet’s Tail, and we can’t get enough of her behind the scenes look into a puppet workshop. In More Than Words, one of our favorite poets tries his hand at song lyrics and doesn’t miss one beautiful beat. We are also reprinting this month a story from 2016 by Zari called A Kajira’s Life, wherein she reveals the secrets of being a kajira in Gor. RoseDrop Rust brings this month’s issue to a close with a superb poem, How Cruel?, describing a world where life is suffering. We hope you’ll have a chance to give this month’s holiday issue a read in between the holidays, which we at rez hope are filled with joy for you.

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