Friday, April 1, 2022

April rez Posted

 read the April issue of rez in Issuu:


Up in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring has sprung, with green shoots poking up all over. But not in Ukraine, where the unthinkable continues daily. When events are this hard to fathom (read stomach), we turn to our writers and artists to ease our collective pain, to remind us the true value of life. This month, we’re lucky to start things off with an ingenious peace proposal from none other than Art Blue, tells us Why the Pope Has to Go to Lviv.  Chris Mooney-Singh is just the inspirational voice we need in these times. His A Meditation at Lake Sukhna is a perfect example of his pitch-perfect poetry. And when things get tough, we can always count on Shyla the Super Gecko, who contributes a powerful poem, Ukraine – A Love Poem. Cat Boccaccio, who says more with fewer words, is at her enigmatic best with Snapdragons. Annie Mesmeriser is back with the sixth installment (sixth of a hundred, we hope) of A Puppet’s Tail – There and Back Again, where her adventures keep piling up on each other to hilarious effect. RoseDrop (“Rusty”) Rust brings us Live, and Die, in which he ponders how to have your cake and eat it too. Dearstluv Writer takes us back to a kinder, simpler time in her poignant poem that captures all of our hopes for peace. Our newest contributor, TT Tobasco, is responsible for Breakthrough Reality, but Neruval’s tailfeathers were found nearby. And closing out this month’s issue with a flourish, Jullianna Juliesse puts unattainable goals aside in her lovely Give Up on Your Dreams. Enjoy the issue, be inspired, and pray for peace throughout the world.

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