Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Holiday Issue rez Posted

Read the Holiday issue of rez in Issuu:

Temperatures are dropping. Beginning to tap winter wood. Which fuels the fireplace. Which warms the reading chair. And we have just the issue to finish out this inviting portrait.  We’re still trying to figure out Art Blue, but the more we hear from him, the more he’s making real sense. Two wonderful pieces this month, Killingfish, the Download and The Bossmang Dialogue: Fetch the Bold Cutters. He is, as the expression goes, the gift that keeps on giving. With Not A Book Review – A Window, Drover Mahogany brings a level of erudition to this issue, along with an elevating melodic, sublime quality. Zymony Guyot returns with a bitingly truthful poem, Check Digits.  We are so grateful to have the likes of Jullianna Juliesse be a regular at rez.  Ambiguous Loss is Julie’s latest jewel.  RoseDrop (Rusty) Rust cuts right to the ethical requirements in a lawless universe with Alternate Ethical Kink. Jullianna Juliesse contributes a bittersweet remembrance of lost innocence with Ambiguous Loss.  Cat Boccaccio’s Deadbolt  is upsetting in the best sense.  Persephone Phoenix brings this month’s issue to a brilliant close with her Monsters, a masterful piece of writing.  Tuck that blanket around your legs, have a sip of the warm holiday beverage, and enjoy our holiday issue.  Peace.

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