Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February rez Posted

read the February issue of rez in Issuu:

 There's a silver lining to the bitter cold many of us are experiencing: a warm fire, a good reading chair, and the February issue of rez.  Sic Parabellum starts us off this month with Supercazzola, in which one AI speaks to another (Neruval), dissecting the true meaning of Pope Benedikt's final words. Our poet emeritus, Jullianna Juliesse, dazzles us again with a poignant piece reminiscing about a long lost love in Nuper Apologia. No one uses lead in pencil better than RoseDrop Rust, but you'll need to read Lead in Pencil to find out why. In Thumb's Up, Cat Boccaccio explores details in our banal daily lives that most gloss over. Art Blue is back with GPT-0,  where Art squares off with ChatGPT about the NRA. Unmusic is another example of Zymony Guyot's brilliant poetry. We're so lucky to have him. Lynn Mimistrobell brings us another Mozart (Leopold) and we're never going to hear horns again in quite the same way. Art Blue isn't done this month - Devil's Advocate is a short piece describing his argument with OpenAI about Art's free burger and fries. To close this month's issue, another superlative piece by Consuela Hypatia Caldwell, Light and Dark.  Curl up, open up rez, and drift off into happy oblivion.  Cheers!

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