Sunday, March 2, 2014

March rez posted

Read the March 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

The March issue of rez includes the cover article by Jami Mills, featuring Bryn Oh´s latest art installation, The Singularity of Kumiko. Art Blue brings us the second episode of his diabolical series, The Artefact: Back Dive Into the Depth.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui contribute their own noir episode, The Key to Golden Hills: Angie.  The Prefect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, takes us behind the scenes at our favorite New Orleans festival in his article, Mardi Gras.  Gudrun Gausman gives some historical context to St. Patrick's Day with her column, Finn McCool is Not a Sportsbar.  Regular contributor, Adrian Brody, delivers a beautiful poem, Our Fables Become Us.  Long-time contributor, Crap Mariner, distills his thoughts into another piece of erudite microfiction in Encyclopedia.

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