Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April rez posted

Read the April 2014 issue of rez in Issuu:

The April issue's cover feature is one of SL's most beloved singer/songwriters, AMForte Clarity, who was kind enough to sit down with Jami Mills and give an insightful interview about just what makes her tick.  Our own visionary, Art Blue, gives us a glimpse into the cyber-future with the third installment of his epic, The Artefact: I Am Substance. I Am Art.  Poet Luna Branwen, a regular contributor to our pages, shows us another side of herself with the haunting Silence in the Night.  Stihly Augenblick and Hitomi Tamatzui continue to thrill us with The Key to Golden Hills: Jing-Wei, another chapter of their exciting noir serial.  Crap Mariner asks us to think about the master composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in an entirely new way in Mozart.  In Silly Babbit, Gudrun Gausman considers the history of rabbits in the Easter tradition (beware: it is X-rated). The newest member of our family, Zymony Guyot, in his poem I Know, ask very difficult questions about greed, politics and justice. Finally, The Perfect Gentleman (otherwise known as Harry Bailey) goes back to his humble beginnings and tests the SL waters as a noob, and is more than surprised by his reception.

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