Sunday, November 16, 2014

November rez Posted

Read the November issue in Issuu:

This month’s issue features SL’s beloved Bryn Oh, who has brought us so many wonderful works of art over the years, including large scale installations, such as her Retrospective at LEA9, or her most recent offering, The Singularity of Kumiko, which is now showing at Immersiva, or smaller sculptures.  The Retrospective is more of a reunion with some of our favorite pieces than a retrospective, which I think of being the domain of gray hairs.  Cat Boccaccio is back from hiatus and  snags SL machinima virtuoso, Iono Allen, who accepts Cat’s challenge to answer her 14 leading questions.  Art Blue leaves “nothing” to the imagination…literally…as he asks important questions about the importance of invisible things.  Sedona Mills brings us the seventh installment of her heart-pounding story of greed, power, and bytes in her futuristic thriller, The Beginning of Life.  This month’s installment is called Enlightenment and we’re on the edge of our seats. Stargazer Daylight was lucky, indeed, to entice SL fashion innovator and contest creator, Flora Raven, to reveal some wonderful insights into the fashion world, modeling, and the unimaginably talented artists that surround us all here on a daily basis.  You will remember the stunning images of Hitomi Tamatzui from her work on The Key to Golden Hills.  Now she’s branched out on her own, this time exploring the fall season and the beautiful builds of Medil and Maethoriel Laiquendi.  And what issue may I ask  would be complete without some Crap Mariner microfiction?  This month we offer Crap’s own brand  of dementia in Drag the Kids Around, a cautionary Halloween tale.

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