Monday, December 1, 2014

December rez Posted

Read the December issue of rez in Issuu:

On most days, we see a variety of clouds and never really give them a second thought. Well, paula cloudpainter does, and she translates her passion for clouds onto her canvases. This month, we celebrate clouds in all their manifestations...cumulus nimbus, cirrus..all the fluffy stuff that jazzes up the skies. And paula cloudpainter personifies dedication to an ideal: clouds in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Cat Boccaccio enticed Toysoldier Thor into answering her daring 14 questions and we're glad she did. One of the most thoughtful responses (he obviously accepted Cat's challenge with gusto). Sedona Mills doesn't let up one bit in her futuristic espionage thriller, The Beginning of Life. This month is the first of a two-part finale of this magnificent and thrilling work. The Dream Machine was concocted by Art Blue.  He imagines his dream woman who, given the dashing persona of the author, Art Blue, spins a dream of her own. The Perfect Gentleman takes us shopping this holiday season and reminds us of why we keep coming back - - the friends we cherish so much. With the assistance of Friday Blaisdale, the PG takes us shopping and ends up the evening in style - a fine dining experience at the Lobster Claw and a night of dancing. Crap Mariner makes the same mistake over and over again in Mistake. Hitomi Tamatzui, who recently brought us the breathtaking Key to Golden Hills noir serial, dazzles us with her description of the Wild West sims in SL, and augments her piece with stunning photos, her trademark. Adrian Blair gives us a thought provoking poem of bewilderment and heartbreak, The Holocaust Dress.

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