Sunday, January 4, 2015

January rez Posted

Read the January issue of rez in Issuu:

This month, Crap Mariner starts us off with his 100 words on awareness ribbons for a variety of worthwhile causes.  No surprise, Mariner latches onto one he might wished he hadn't.  We've included in this issue (and will continue to do so in each monthly issue in 2015) a tribute to Bryn Oh's 2015 Immersive Art Calendar, the real life project of virtual art archivist (and regular rez contributor), Art Blue.  Each month we will feature a month from Bryn's calendar, which was designed and created by Jami Mills and Ziki Questi and printed in the real world by Art's non-profit art trust. Each calendar month features a shot from one of Bryn's varied works.  Jami will also share a few of her thoughts each month about Bryn's work.  In this month's issue, we bring you January: The Singularity of Kumiko. Molly Bloom is the focus of our feature article this month, also gracing our cover with a close-up shot of her amazing work, Back to the Garden, one of a surprisingly eclectic range of new pieces now appearing at The Rose Galleries. What is exceptional about her show, Depth Perception, is Molly's "breakout" from the confines of two-dimensional art, bringing her subjects right into the exhibition space itself. Molly's keen eye for classic themes, whimsy and satire are on full display in this one of a kind exhibition. In the finale of her masterful futuristic cyber-thriller, The Beginning of Life: Closure, Sedona Mills draws this action-packed serial to an exciting conclusion. Sedona gives has given us quite a bit to consider about how computers and humans will interface in the not too distant future. She's definitely left us wanting more and we hope that will be forthcoming in the months ahead. Hitomi Tamatzui continues to capture images from some of the most exotic places in the metaverse, this time with A Day at the Races, where she does an in-depth study of virtual horse rearing and racing. Hitomi brings her usual photographic skills to bear with some dazzling images of thoroughbred racing at its most exciting, and includes along the way some fascinating background information from horse breeders too.  No issue would be complete without the latest musings of Art Blue. This time we hear about his longing for the perfect woman.  The trouble is, it's 100 year in the future. 2115: The Perfect 10 in Elysion is the first of a two-part series where Art comes back to present day to tell his tale and engage our readers with his thought-provoking ideas about the cyber future. And finishing this month's issue is another gut-wrenching anti-war poem from Zymony Guyot called Fabulous Monsters. Zymony's dark, weighty themes don't depress us, they uplift us, by reminding us of what humanity should be all about. Please enjoy this month's issue of rez.  

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