Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August rez Posted

read the August issue of rez in Issuu:

This is a particularly exciting issue of rez because Jami Mills delivers this month's cover story about one of the most innovative and entertaining shows that we've seen in a long, long time.  I refer to the Disney cavalcade, Imagine!  This show, which just enjoyed its final performance a week ago, was produced by ExtravaDanza, The Elyzium Cabaret, and The Night Theater. Master sim builder, Royal Swippe, delivers outstanding builds, and the dancers, choreographers, and other entertainers treat a magic carpet riding audience to a great show. For those of you who think that Art Blue is dead, well...you're right.  He is.  But that doesn't mean he's lost the ability to communicate with us from whatever dimension what's left of his brain inhabits.  Parallel Lives is Art's offering this month, speaking to us from God knows where.  He is no less fascinating dead than he was alive - - our most provocative voice from beyond the grave.  Jullianna Juliesse, who has returned to rez from her too-lengthy sabbatical, has encouraged professional writer, Mariner Trilling, to contribute a powerful poem, Hunger, which appears opposite one of Julie's sensuous poems, Sunday at the Met, and it's hard to imagine a most incendiary combination.  Cassie Parker continues to provide unique insights (as a professional theater producer in RL) into her process of developing and nurturing talent in her piece,On the Nature of Nurture.  In it, she gives more details about her new virtual company, TerpsiCorps Artwerks, which will launch its first show early next month.  We wish her great success, but with her formula, we think it's a foregone conclusion.  Cute chronicles Hitomi Tamatzui's introduction into the world of virtual babies, from birth and beyond.  Raising a virtual family has come a long way over the years, and it's quite the challenge, even without the smelly diapers.  To Kazantzakis is a thoughtful poem by newcomer (torez) poet, Mario Zecca, who conjures up sumptuous images of ancient Crete.  We hope to hear his engaging voice again in future issues.  Merope Madrigal is another poet who is new to our pages, and she introduces herself to our readers with a wonderful, evocative poem, Nine Pianos, in this month's issue. We hope to hear her playing again, too.  The Perfect Gentleman, Harry Bailey, recounts his recent woes of being Homeless in Second Life, following his banishment (he did nothing to be ashamed of) from his home and put out like last week's trash.  Basking in a seaside hammock, he doesn't seem to have it too bad.  295L To Get Your Privacy is a Q&A with our publisher, Jami Mills, and Harry Hacker, whom you will remember from Sedona Mills' noir serial that appeared earlier this year.  It seems Harry can speak from the great beyond as well.  More cyber mystery comes from his lips.  Hitomi Tamatzui covers the social event of the horse racing season with her piece, High Society Horse Racing, which closes the August issue.  She covers the 125,000L prize winning horse, as well as the toney social scene that is horse racing society. All in all, a very strong and hopefully entertaining issue for your reading pleasure.  We hope you enjoy it.

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