Friday, September 4, 2015

September rez Posted

read the September issue of rez in Issuu:

It's hard to believe that 14 years have elapsed since that inconceivable day when so much was lost. You'll find in this issue a number of allusions to 9/11 and those affected by it, because it is so much a part of our collective consciousness.  We mourn those we've lost and we continue to bond together. Art Blue (who, like Francisco Franco, is still dead) contributes what might be his most brilliant article yet (Parallel Lives - The Glory of Past Times) - - you decide - - but this is Art's voice as we've not heard it before. Death (okay, cryogenic suspension) becomes him, I think. Jolie Carter, new to our pages, brings us a succinct poem, Moment, which makes us consider each capsule of time.  Simonetta Martella is another new poet (we are blessed with a waterfall of wonderful poets thanks to Jullianna Juliesse) who takes us back to that New York state of mind.  And then to Cassie Parker, who with her sheer will, has taken TerpsiCorps ARTWerks from a fleeting idea to actual production. She walks the walk.  Chrissy Rhiano, Art Director and lead dancer (well, let's just say, the "driving force") of TCA, together with a Who's Who of dancers in the dance world, brings us Requiem, a tribute in dance to everyone affected by 9/11. There will be one performance of this sensitive and graceful production. I hope you can say you were there.  Jullianna Juliesse reflects on that fateful day with her exquisite poem, What Color Was the Sky That Day.  And if you want to luxuriate in words and images, enjoy Serene Bechir's in the pine straw blowing, which lulls us into a reverie.  Gudrun Gausman, who has been on deep-cover assignment for several months, is back with an enlightening (and highly illegal) insight into North Korea and its mercurial Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-On. Believe me, only Gudrun could do reportage like this, and we're grateful she safely returned to us. Guilt Has No Room Here is Merope Madrigal's latest contribution.  I can only hope his music graces our pages for months (years?) to come. What can I say about LunaAzulejo? Her A Fish Fable transports us to a simpler time, where silver fish spawned and everything made sense. Cajsa Lilliehook, from whom I hope you will be hearing more in future issues, explores hats in such a fascinating way. But not just any hats ... she makes the case for hats that make a statement - that elevate - that, well, just make us feel good. Special thanks to models Selene Snowpaw and Jewell Ember for making these hats look so damn good. Our rogue reporter, StarGazer Daylight, has discovered another up and coming model, Jaily Bailey. Enjoy Star's interview with Jaily, who enchants us with her beauty and her drive. Who else would you trust wrapping up the issue than Mariner Trilling, who somehow has a way of tying everything up with a beautiful ribbon. Enjoy his poem, So Long and Good Night, which closes our issue, which we hope so much that you enjoy.

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