Thursday, July 6, 2017

July rez Posted

Read the July issue of rez in issuu:

Time for some summer reading, isn’t it?  Some trashy, mindless pulp?  Sorry, we don’t have any of that in this month’s issue.  Just the work of some of the best writers on the grid, covering flights of fancy and the creativity that’s rampant if you just take the time to look around you.  This month’s cover story started innocuously enough.  “Jami, would you please take some shots for me at an upcoming party?  It might be epic.”  That’s how Iliana Cerise began the discussion.  And look what it turned into!  Space Party is a peek into that glorious event, and we wanted to make sure we preserved it for the ages.  Iliana and Kitty are to be commended for a fabulous idea, and they pulled it off with aplomb.  The incorrigible futurist, Art Blue, is back with The Salesman, a very funny take on, well, I’m not exactly sure.  With the help of his AI, Neruval, he is light years ahead of us.  Consuela Hypatia Caldwell contributes, It Isn’t Sex.  (If it ain’t sex, then what is it?)  Consuela has been a regular contributor over the years, and never fails to touch us deeply.  If there’s a better micro fiction writer on the grid than Cat Boccaccio, I’d like to meet them.  Nine Toes gives me reason to believe that such a person does not exist.  This hilarious tale of intrusive salespeople takes us beyond the pale, and as you know, that’s where Cat lives….Still buzzing from attending Bitch Slap, TerpsiCorps’ latest magnificent production (it’s playing again during the month of July, so make sure you see it!).  And who better to take us behind the scenes than Cassie Parker, who with Chrissy Rhiano, is the brainchildren of this production.  But as Cassie reminds us, it wouldn’t exist but for the incredible talent and dedication of the performers.  This superbly written chronicle of the production reveals so much about the arts here, and everywhere.  RoseDrop Rust (or Rusty to his friends) helps us imagine the exquisite sensation of strapping on, plugging in, and turning up.  Strapped is another of Rusty’s famed poems that gives us the visceral excitement of actually being there.  And bringing the July issue to a conclusion is a lovely poem by Adrian Blair, who has given us so many amazing works, and this is one of his best.  So time to read some trashy novel, you say?  I say, no!  Pick up the July issue of rez Magazine instead, and treat yourself to some real summer reading!

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  1. The art magzine is full illustrated but it cannot hold the reader's attention, may be the discription of the images are not so well and clearly placed.