Thursday, August 3, 2017

August rez Posted

Read the August issue of rez in Issuu:

Thank you, Caesar Augustus.  This month wouldn’t feel quite the same without you.  One thing that does feel the same is the breadth of talent in this month’s summer issue.  Jami Mills introduces our readers to the best kept secret on the grid with her piece Eclectic/Electric.  You don’t need to be a jazz fan to spend a delightful evening at Monday night’s Jazz Salon at The Brown Note.  Musical wunderkind, Allison Widdershins, dazzles each week with a dizzying array of new and old music, spanning decades of great performances.  You also might just become a jazz fan in the offing. Art Blue tells it like it is (or was) (or will be).  When you remove time from any equation, things really start to get interesting, as Mr. Blue well knows.  A follow-up to his piece last month, The Salesman, Dream of Eden is the ultimate wish fulfillment. Jullianna Juliesse gives us another of her powerful poems this month with Lady Daedelus, with images raw and exciting.  Jullianna has a book of poetry that has just come out in RL, and is one of our favorite poets.  Erudite, witty, soulful - - all that. Mariner Trilling returns from a brief hiatus with two offerings this month:  Pendulum (who can even consider this word without thinking of Poe), and Opium Dreams.  Each one is an out of body experience, transporting us into Mariner’s exotic and exciting world. Flannex Northmead reminisces about simpler times with The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, a frolic compared to some of the darker themes this month.  A wonderful display of a poet in full command of her craft. Speaking of dark, I get shivers every time I read Merope Madrigal’s poem, The Summary Execution of Mary Surratt.  What skill she brings to bear to capture the moments of ineffable terror before a woman’s ultimate demise. Dark though her work may be, we still call her Merry. Cat Boccaccio has a knack of finding a singular moment in a day in the life, and letting the reader fill in the before and after.  Her gift is in full bloom with Hilda’s Birthday, which takes a glimpse into the mundane and leaves us with deeper thoughts.

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  1. It is not necessary that you have to be a jazz type girl or boy in order to enjoy your life, it's just all up to you that what makes you happy and what kind of stuff you do to enjoy your life.