Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January rez Posted

read the January issue of rez in Issuu:

We’re starting 2018 off with a loud bang, bringing you some of the finest poetry and storytelling in any world, virtual or otherwise.  Who would we rather have start off the issue than the always surprising and endlessly fascinating Art Blue?  This month we feature the first of a three-part series called Sand Meets Water.  Sit back and enjoy the ride. Shyla the Super Gecko is well known in poetry circles and has allowed us to share with you her poem Snowflake Strong, about strength and perseverance. We hope to hear more from the Super Gecko in upcoming issues. And Wu also starts off the year with the fifth installment of her moody, atmospheric, and titillating series, She Rezzed.  Jullianna Juliesse discovered a sister she never knew and immediately did what any gifted poet would do - - she penned for her sister an extraordinary poem. This one is called Helix.  Aorist Chunes, who is a successful model in her own right, gives us a very interesting historical look at modeling and compensation in The History of Modeling and Monetary Compensation.  We hope she’ll be able to contribute a monthly column on the fashion industry, called The Roundabout. Cat Boccaccio, the queen of the short short story, is up to her usual brevity in Nona, a story about space and an ill-timed malfunction that causes a great deal of anxiety among the crew. Dearstluv Writer contributes a stunning plea to give the phone a rest and enjoy Nature’s bounty. To Sleep Perchance to Plagiarize is Zymony Guyot’s hilarious bebop poem about the second oldest profession - - stealing prose. And finally, RoseDrop Rust closes out our issue with a sizzling bit of heart racing erotica. And there you have it! Enjoy this month’s issue from our wellspring of talent.  See you next month.

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