Thursday, February 1, 2018

February rez Published

read the February issue of rez in Issuu:

With January whipping by as it has, it can’t be long before New Year’s Eve! So to keep you fully stocked with good reading, the February issue is loaded with not just good writing, but filled with great pieces by some of SL’s finest writers.  We’re all incredibly busy, but if you only have a short time to devote to reading, I hope you’ll find rez perfectly suited for your needs.  We start off with one of the best parables we’ve ever printed in rez (and we’ve printed quite a few good ones over the years), a remarkable story about a forlorn gecko, written by Shyla the Super Gecko. How the Gecko Died is simply wonderful and we thought it appropriate to start off the issue with this intriguing epic poem.  Art Blue is up to his usual tricks again, taking us in and out of alternate realities in the second installment of Sand Meets Water (there’s one more coming in the March issue). Trust me. You’ll want Art with you when The Singularity comes. Cat Boccaccio has been saying more with less than anyone we know.  This month, Cat introduces us to Leep, the main character of her micro-fiction story, Peeps for Leep.  I’m hoping we’ll see more of Leep in future issues.  It’s a charming story with a surprise ending.  You all know Aorist Chunes from her fashion column in rez called The Roundabout.  But I bet you didn’t know that she is a remarkably accomplished poet.  It’s with great pride that we introduce this multi-faceted beauty’s poetry with her deeply felt and thought provoking poem, Fracas. We hope this will be the first of many from Aorist. And what can we say about Jullianna Juliesse? She keeps getting better and better, this month bringing us two of her best, the first being Sabbath Prayer, and the second being La Belle au Bois Dormant. To say that we’re grateful for her continuing contributions is an understatement. We’re much more than grateful for her prodigious talent. After too long of an absence, DonJuan Writer is back with Art!? Has Anyone Seen Art?!, taking a closer look at the creative process. Aorist Chunes’ installment this month of The Roundabout is called Families, Feudalism, and Free Markets in SL.  Aorist has a keen eye not just for fashion, but for how fashion fits in our world. Stay tuned for more fashion insights from Aorist in coming issues. Wu has been delighting us with her unpredictable but always entertaining column, She Rezzed. This month marks her sixth installment and she will leave you enchanted with her latest offering. Art Blue takes another look at the Chelsea Hotel and introduces us to a new art talent, SHTutti, in Rembrandt Meets Tutti.  Rembrandt doesn’t have anything on Tutti. So there you have it, our contribution to the arts here in SL and our gift to you, our esteemed readers. The State of the Arts, as you will read, is very strong. Jami Mills

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