Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July rez Posted

Read the July issue of rez in Issuu:

Time for some summer reading! And have we got just what you need…Our July issue features the Crystal Anniversary of our very own Second Life, celebrating its 15th birthday. The celebration is over now, but ten of our friends and contributors who have described their favorite exhibition there. We’ve included all of them in the July issue, and we’ll leave it to you to pick your favorite. Jami Mills and Amy Inawe employed the Surrealist technique, Exquisite Corpse, to write together The Double-Crossers, this being the third of four installments of some fun summer crime fiction. Zymony Guyot is back with another musing about time with his lovely poem First the Clocks.  The more we hear from this brilliant writer the better. Cat Boccaccio gives us Random Number, which talks of when it’s time to fly from the nest. A Tomboy’s Treasures is a treasure of its own that Shyla the Super Gecko has bestowed upon us, showing us the plunder of a tomboy, all held closely in a shoebox. Jullianna Juliesse stuns us with a powerful poem about a mother/son bond created all the more deeply by a difficult choice. You Know is the latest piece by our favorite author, Art Blue. Admit it, you’re starting to follow his logic, you know? Of all the gin joints, Dearstluv had to walk into rez Magazine…. Gin Joints is Dearstluv’s latest piece, and we’ll sit and listen to her for as long as she’s willing to share…. Clamor is the title of RoseDrop Rust’s latest poem. Rusty exhorts us to “Publish me!”, and we couldn’t be happier complying. Consuela Hypatia Caldwell closes us out with her exquisite poem, Lifetime, which reminisces about days gone by. Let’s get reading (or at least look at the purdy pictures). Your intrepid publisher, Jami

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