Friday, August 3, 2018

August rez Posted

Read the August issue of rez in Issuu:

It’s the dead of summer…and as we all hope for rain to deal with local wildfires, we have some fire of our own in this month’s issue of rez. We’re blessed this month with an especially wonderful assemblage of talent.  Jami Mills starts things off Our Car, with a tale of a wild road trip by two women finding themselves with a cantankerous car that can’t seem to keep from veering off in ditches now and then, but finding a way out every time.  We also bring you the exciting finale of The Double-Crossers, an experimental exquisite corpse short story by Jami Mills and Amy Inawe, who are knee-deep in a Roman crime spree.  We include a poignant poem by Pepper Chaffe, Four Candles, which is astonishing and heartfelt.  The Perfect Gentleman (aka Harry Bailey) and his trusty sidekick, Friday Blaisdale, explore the exotic world of courtesans with The Courtesans of Sakura, featuring a fascinating interview with Lynn Mimistrobell, lead courtesan and intriguing interviewee.  In A Lifetime is a sensational poem by the multi-talented Consuela Hypatia Caldwell, whose artwork and short stories we’ve previously featured in rez.  Cat Boccaccio, our most economical contributor, stretches out a little with The Enemy, which captures a slice of life in all its simplicity and complexity.  RoseDrop Rust engages in some spiteful behavior with his hilarious short piece, The Nose.  Long-time favorite, Zymony Guyot gives us Disclaimers Attached to Your Dessert, seeks to pull everything together, all the while making perfect sense.  Last but not least is our very own Art Blue, waxing about our favorite snack and computer nemesis, The Cookie.  Summer is a time for fun reading, so dig in!

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