Saturday, March 2, 2019

March rez Posted

Read the March issue of rez in Issuu:

As winter drags on way too long, we sometimes yearn for something good to read by the crackling fire.  Well, you’ve come to the right place. This month’s issue features Barbie Starr’s piece One Billion Rising about the very worthy event of the same name.  Her well researched piece focuses our attention on the issue of violence against women.  Barbie sheds light on just how this organization conducts its important work.  Ervare contributes I Got Bigger Fish to Fry, in which he enlists the help of none other than the philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Ervare’s long-standing battle with Amazon. Cat Boccaccio brings us another one of her fabulous short, short stories, Happy Time.  Shyla the Super Gecko, whom you all know from her work here in rez, writes of a young girl’s innocence and its inevitable demise in Summer Salts.  And what would you do if a cat burglar suddenly appeared in your bedroom? Well, Persephone Phoenix tells us in her poem The Bedroom Fedora.  RoseDrop (“Rusty”) Rust describes his long-time idol, the enigmatic, sexy, strutting singer in his poem Jim Morrison. One of our favorite poets, Dearstluv Writer, ponders the choices we make between good and evil in her poem Impact.  B dot Red is sent to restore History in The Last Kingdom, and ends up criticizing the manner in which Albert Einstein’s brain has been preserved. The incomparable Jullianna Juliesse completes the March issue with Our Corner of Heaven Will Be Throwing Beer Cans at the Puritans, in which she hilariously describes her own lineage and their probable reaction to the events of the day.  Get comfortable and pull the blanket up over you and dive in to this month’s issue.  Enjoy!

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