Monday, April 1, 2019

April rez Posted

Read the April issue of rez in Issuu:

As we thaw out in early spring, our thoughts turn to a good read on a lazy, sunny weekend.  We have just the thing for you: another issue of rez Magazine, chock full of timely articles, short stories and superb poetry by some of the finest poets in any realm.  Barbie Starr starts us off Glimpsing the World of Diawa Bellic, a peek into the career of the illustrious dancer, Diawa Bellic, who shares some of her personal thoughts about the current state of dance in SL.  Art Blue dazzles (us as only he can) with The Holy Follower, a story about how he started his own church, replete with monsignors and devoted Followers.  Inspired by the Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring, performed by the Boston Symphony, Merope Madrigal delivers a beautiful poem, Appalachian Synesthesia.  Morgue McMillan-Storeland brings us Mittelschmerz, a sensitive coming of age poem about newfound awareness.  Our favorite “less is more” writer, Cat Boccaccio, describes an ugly encounter in a high-end restaurant that prompts her to ponder civility (or the lack thereof).  Neruval, the erudite AI owl, contributes Gulliver’s Dream, which takes us along for a discussion with Art Blue, virtual artist, Gem Preiz, and Juliette Surreal-D about the intricacies of tinies and virtual technology.  Not Doing is RoseDrop Rust’s poem this month, wondering whether doing nothing might actually be better than doing something.  And last but not least, Dearstluv Writer scares us with her poem, Stalker, but in the scaring we’re hopefully better prepared for the stalker among us.

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