Sunday, October 4, 2020

October rez Posted

read the October issue of rez in Joomag:


As we say goodbye to summer and all the relaxing days of reading, drifting off into other worlds of fantasy and fiction, images of beauty and sadness, the air cools but the sun still feels warm. In short, it’s Autumn, and damned if we’re not going to get some good reading in with this issue of rez.  Once again, we’re blessed with some of the most creative, energetic and….well….astounding voices you can find anywhere.  CybeleMoon starts us off with another of her magical tales, The Stolen Child, a sumptuous feast for the eyes and the soul.  Art Blue is back with TT. I See Art. I See Time, cautionary tale of futuristic musings about AI, art, time and a whole lot more. He shines a light to lead us into an uncertain, scary future. Rakshowes creates with lush images, in a very painterly The Wedding, where images of flowing bridal mermaid dresses blend with ancient rituals. In her ongoing and highly acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Series, Larkbird Parx interviews DennyMac and so eloquently shares with us his thoughts about music that we’re yearning to hear him sing. What can we say about the incomparable Cat Boccaccio, who this month shares another story about Leep, full of her characteristic lush imagery. RoseDrop Rust (or Rusty as we like to call him) toils in his garden of words and images and contributes The Reluctant Gardener this month and lucky we are to have such an illustrious writer share his poetry with us.  The Shadow People is Consuela Hypatia Caldwell’s latest poem and is full of strong, emotional imagery. One of her best poems to date, she is surely at the top of her game. Annie Mesmeriser knows a thing or two about Texas blues because she’s seen a thing or two. Annie’s Blues is chock full of anecdotes about musicians, singers, and in this piece, recording studios. Doesn’t it just make you want to signal the engineer to start rolling some tape? That’s it for this month. Enjoy!

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